White Elephant Party Pleasers

white elephant

Happy Holiday Season! As you get older, it becomes more common that your friend or work groups will elect to participate in a White Elephant Holiday Party. It’s an easy way to have a lot of fun, give gifts, and only have to buy one gift! Another option is a Secret Santa, where participants pull a name from a hat and purchase a gift for that person.

Most of these parties or gift exchanges implement a limit. This gift guide is full of crowd pleasers, all for $25.00 or less!

Cards Against Humanity – $25.00

This is always fun. There are six (or more) expansions now! If you’ve got the right crowd, you’re guaranteed some good laughs.

Awkward Family Photos 2018 Calendar – $10.65

iDrink Phone Flask – $24.01

Now, white elephant parties can sometimes be practical, and sometimes be ridiculous. I think this falls into the latter category.

Bath Bomb Gift Set – $17.95

I don’t have the luxury of taking baths as my dog is a bit intrusive, but these always look so interesting!

Mermaid Blanket – $19.99

I definitely don’t understand the mermaid hype, but I’m pretty sure you’ll have girls fighting over this one.

Tea Sampler – $20.00

This is one of the most lovely tea brands I’ve ever had. The African Solstice is my absolute favorite! The “string” on the bags is actually a little wire with a leaf at the end, so it hangs on the edge of your mug. How cute!

This should be a good start for your next white elephant shindig. Gift cards and cash are always nice too, but I have faith that you’ll be more imaginative than that. If you’re “known” for anything around your groups (baking, organizing, cooking, etc.), you can offer that up as a gift as well (Just like Dwight with his paintball lessons.). Whenever you buy or make for your next party, be sure it’s something you want. Unless your group has specified that this is exclusively a ridiculous exchange, you should not walk around your house an hour before the party, scrounging up the things you don’t want.

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Title photo by Nicolas Picard on Unsplash.

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