52 Weekly Challenges To Last All Year Long

Once upon a time, I took on a monthly challenge every month. It was fun, and generally got me to do something new in a month. However, committing to a month at a time can be a bit daunting (or boring), so I’m here to save the day! These weekly challenges will help you try new things in smaller amounts of time.

Recently, I’ve been in a bit of a funk, so this list is more for me than anyone. I have a ton of ideas for you to try. Some are designed to improve your life. Other are designed to help you think differently. I’ll say that some may require some explanation, but I’ve got you covered (if you keep scrolling).

weekly challenge
  • Saving instead of spending. Yes, “not spending” is already on the list, but this is something different. If you get a craving to go get a cup of coffee at Starbucks or to buy a new dress at Old Navy, put that money into your savings account instead. You can “feel” like you still spent it, but toward something better than coffee.
  • Top of the hour exercises. When I’ve been feeling particularly unfit, I put an alarm on my phone for the top of every hour, from 9am to 3pm. Each hour, I do a 60s plank, 50 crunches, and 20 squats. At the end of the day, you’ve done some pretty nice strength training and it got you up and moving away from your desk.
  • Donation items. Walk around your house or apartment. See a blouse you never wear? A book you’ll never read? Put it in a pile and take it to a local donation center at the end of the week. You get to clean up and do good!
  • Lists. Sometimes, I treat this as a coping mechanism. Make lists of your favorite books, movies, colors. Write down your favorite quotes or things that make you happy. If you think of more than two of anything, write it down and call it a list! You could even get a beautiful new notebook!
  • Acting like a tourist in your hometown. Go online and see what people say are “Must-Do’s” in your town. Go do them! Ask people for recommendations around while you’re there. Who knows? You may find something new!
  • Goal manifestation. There is no best time to start working toward your goals. Write them down, and write the steps to achieve your goals. Then, write it all over and over. Then, go out and do some things.
  • New cocktails. Learn a new one each day. Then, you’ll be a hit at your next house party! Drink responsibly.
  • Positivity mantra. Start every day with positive feelings toward something, whether it’s self confidence, a goal, or a new relationship.

Now, whether you’re in a funk like I am, or you’re just looking to try something new, come back to this list! There are so many different options for you to try. You never know which of the weekly challenges comes to be part of your normal routine.

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