Gameplan: Saving $10,000

I’ve always been a saver. It’s just important to have a savings plan. Whether you’re looking to take a trip, buy a house, or just build in some financial security, start with this $10,000 savings plan. If you marry good budgeting with an aggressive savings plan, nothing is out of reach. You’re in luck too because I’m sharing these with you!

Savings Plan

savings plan

Now, some of these numbers look intimidating, I’m not going to lie. However, at the start of each month, I did a $50 decrease. That’s when all of my bills are due, so it only made sense. I also lessened the savings toward the end of the year because of the holidays and gifting and such. You can also make up the difference in different months by way of bonuses, supplemental income, or even tax returns.

Aggressive Budgeting

savings plan budgeting

For me budgets can be pretty intimidating. I rarely stick with them because I’m a fairly conservative spender. However, it’s such an easy savings tool to budget and then save the difference if you come in under budget! There are some open slots in this printable as well just in case you have other expenses. For example, some people really prefer to budget in eating out if that’s important to them.

Another helpful thing is to count any “extra” money into your savings. If you get a bonus at work…straight into savings. Get some birthday money? Straight into savings. Count that toward your weekly savings too. If you can save a little extra one week, balance that out another week. It’s all about balance and planning. With enough dedication, you too can save $10,000 this year!

However, I want to add a caveat. If you don’t make it to the full $10,000, THAT’S OKAY. Whether you’re saving for a house, making a special purpose, or just building in some cushion, saving $1 is better than saving $0. Work hard and try, but also give yourself some grace.

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