I’m Caroline, and welcome to my adventures in nonsense. I was a dancer for 19 years, love everything musical theatre, and am now trying to find my way in this world. You name it, I’ve tried it: yoga, fishing, cooking for one, online dating…

That’s Olivia in the picture. She’s my rescued Jack Russell Pointer (assumed – I haven’t had her blood tested). She jumps high and keeps me on my toes. We love getting out, trying new trails, and playing as much as possible.

My adventures are a little about everything, but I can narrow it down to three passions: cooking, reading, and weddings. These are my main passions, and all I want to do is talk about them. I love recommendations too. Tell me what to read or what to cook, and I’ll probably take you up on it (no romance novels or lima beans).

I’m local to Marietta now! Though, for those out of state, we’ll just say I live in Atlanta.

Saturdays in the fall, I bleed red and black. If you don’t get that reference, we probably can’t be friends. UGA class of 2013.

I’d love to work with y’all too! Brand owners, fellow writer, creatives…let me share your passions. Head to the contact page and let me know how we can work together.

Thanks for sharing in my adventures.