Declutter Challenge: Clean by Christmas

Happy December! The longer you live in one place, the more “stuff” you accumulate. For me, I’ve been in this apartment for about a year and a half. When I moved out of my last place, it was quite a rush, so I didn’t purge and declutter the way I wanted to. I’m planning on (hopefully) moving again this summer, so I better start cleaning now.

So, for my December challenge, I am taking on Love & Marriage’s Declutter Challenge. Each day is a different room or frequently used item that you clean out.


Some places in my home are regularly pretty clean. However, I could stand to get rid of some older movies (who needs High School Musical?) and shoes especially. I get a little intimidated by “It’s time to clean out my whole house.” Going one item or room at a time will definitely make it far more manageable. Maybe I’ll even be able to sell some things for some extra income! Plus, with Christmas right around the corner, it will be helpful to clear out some space.

Join me this December for the Declutter Challenge, and help clean your home by Christmas!

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