Forever Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a day where people remember to be thankful…but shouldn’t we be thankful every day? We can get so caught up in the mundane or the displeasing that we forget to take a moment and be thankful. I read something the other day that really spoke to me.

Let’s say you have $86,400.00. Someone manages to steal $10.00 from you. Do you throw the other $86,390.00 away? No, you don’t. There are 84,600 seconds in a day. Don’t let someone who has already stolen 10 seconds steal any more.

When you look back at your day, don’t say, “It was a fine day. I woke up late, forgot my lunch, and sat in traffic.” Be someone who is thankful for those few extra minutes of sleep or that extra time in the car to reflect on your day or your thoughts.

If you’re someone (like me) who tends to get overwhelmed in the less than positive aspects of your life, keep a list. Whether it’s a mental list or a written list somewhere, remember what you are thankful for. Here’s my list:


family thankful

There was a while in there when I wasn’t that close to my family. I wasn’t spending a lot of time with them, and I became very distant. Then, I dropped what was dragging me apart, and I’m never turning back. Even across an ocean, I’m able to speak with my sister and my niece almost every day (see below for why I’m thankful for technology). I call my parents just about every day. Once, when there was a frog in my apartment, my dad stayed on the phone with me for 30 minutes after his bedtime while I fought to get it down. Now, I couldn’t do it myself, so I’m also thankful for the neighbors who showed up at the perfect time.



thankful kate

football thankful

thankful friends

I have some really wonderful friends in my life. I’m thankful for those who I can call and hang out or go to a bookstore or sit around a fire and just talk. I’m also thankful for that friend who lets me mooch her cable every Monday night. #thebachelor #dwts


It took me a while to get to the point of being thankful for Olivia. In my head, I blamed her for a lot of things. Then, I got over that because she loves me unconditionally. Olivia keeps me active. I’ve seen more places and parks in the last year than I ever would have if I didn’t have a dog. I rescued her from a shelter, and she rescues me every day.

A Full Bookshelf

I’ve mentioned before that my parents never denied me a book. My love for reading started basically at birth. I’ll go through phases where I don’t read as much, but that never stops me from buying more. I’d love to have a library in my home one day…just walls full of books and a cozy chair with a lamp. No overhead lighting allowed.

Keep up with my reviews on the blog here.

My Health

I have had friends and family go through so much…cancer, car accidents, unexpected diagnoses. We should all be thankful for our good health.


Thank goodness for technology. Not only does the internet keep my job relevant, but it also provides me the opportunity to speak to my family an ocean away. Soon enough, they’ll be on the other side of the country, and technology will still be important!


I don’t know how I would be able to fake that my life is together if it weren’t for different forms of organization. My planner helps with the crossover between my blog, work, and personal things. I have to do lists all over my house for everything from cleaning to cooking.

On this day, and all days moving forward, remember what you’re thankful for. Take pride in those parts of your life always.

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