For All You Procrastinators


Here’s a hack for the rest of this post. Amazon Prime offers a free 30 day trial. So, just sign up, get all your last minute gifts, and then cancel before your trial! Just click below! There’s more than just free shipping too. Amazon has music and shows too!

Harry Potter – I’m just waiting for the day that I’m going to share my love for Harry Potter with my niece. This will be the perfect set to get her started.

Tiles – No, not bathroom or kitchen tiles. These tiles are for people who lose things! There’s an app that goes with them that people download on their phone in order to find their lost items. #lifesaver

Bluetooth Speaker – Seriously, I have two in my apartment, and they’re my favorite things. Everyone should have one. This one is less than $25, so it makes a great White Elephant gift too!

Gift Cards – For all you super procrastinators, you can send an eGift Card! Literally, you can buy it just minutes before it needs to be given to the recipient. You can even make a joke of it and put your face on the email.

Wine – Seriously, can’t everyone just gift each other wine all the time? Go in on a subscription with some of your girlfriends, and make a party every month!


Don’t panic, procrastinators! There are still plenty of options for holiday gifts. The internet exists, so you can pretty much get anything at the last minute. With things like Netflix and Hulu, you can even gift them television! If that already have those subscriptions, give them the gift of Roku. Remember, sign up for Prime, get your gifts, then cancel! (Don’t tell them I told you to do that…)

Note: This post contains affiliate links, so I may receive a small commission from sales generated (at no cost to you!). Title photo by petradr on Unsplash.

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