What is Success?

As of late, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to think of success. What does it mean to me? When will I feel that I’ve actually been successful at something?

Success is different for everyone. Someone may only be interested in making a lot of money. For them, success may lie in retiring early. Others may only feel successful if they’ve developed a beautiful family. Still, others may want to travel to every country in the world or own their own company or get promoted to the upper echelons in the creme de la creme of corporate companies.

success courage

waiting for success

We can go back to my fear of jumping into things. I tend to wait for things to come to me instead of doing what it takes to make it happen. Maybe that’s why I don’t feel successful yet. Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start, but you also have to just go.

successful start

usual success

knocking success

Don’t let the fact that a company isn’t recruiting you to stop you from applying for a job. If you have a business idea, make it happen. Take the time to believe in yourself and your success.

ambitious success

This is one of my favorites. So often, we need affirmation from others before doing something. However, you need to be the reason that you’re doing something. If you want to climb a mountain, (Please go train first, but…) CLIMB THAT MOUNTAIN. If you want to start your own company, don’t wait for your friends and family to tell you that they believe in you. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

success noise

Again, this one resonates with me. So many of us work hard and gripe and wait for recognition. Let your work stand for itself. Let your event be a resounding success. Let that blog post drive thousands of new visitors to your website. Let the revenue from that project you led speak for itself. Trust me, someone is listening.

success is the best

build success

success in value

I spend so much time working to be valuable to others, whether professionally or personally. Someone needs to get this project done last minute? I’m your girl. My significant other is hungry? I’ll feed you. I try and insert myself wherever someone is needed so that people find me valuable. Maybe that’s my definition of success.

Now that you’ve read this and are (hopefully) feeling inspired, take a moment and ask yourself what your success is. Are you actively working toward becoming successful? What can you do to become a wonderful success?

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