Quotes to Believe In

Valentine’s Day is such a lovely holiday. Couples spend money on each other to buy candy and jewelry they don’t need. They fight for reservations because someone, however many years ago, said that February 14th was a day to publicly declare your love to someone. As you can see, I’m definitely not bitter about Valentine’s Day. When I originally planned for this blog, I was going to provide my favorite quotes for romantic love. You know how you should never trust a skinny chef? You shouldn’t trust my outlook on romantic love. With that being said, my goal today is to help you love yourself.

So many times, we get caught up in our surroundings. I lost a lot of myself in my last relationship. Seriously, a lot. I had friends comment afterward about how much happier I am now and how I’m more of myself (Thanks, ladies!!). In order to give yourself to a romantic, loving relationship, you need to love yourself first. Find your passion, and hold on to it. Embrace your flaws. Really look at your life, and see what it is you’re looking for in someone meant to complement your life, not overwrite it.

This one is a little silly. Leslie Knope has a group for young girls called Pawnee Goddesses. This is their “initiation” speech. They have a big empowering roar at the end that can be quite cathartic.

I can personally attest to this. I was so willing to compromise myself into something someone else wanted me to be. I devalued myself, and he was willing to allow that to happen. Avoid this at all costs! You have value and are incredible. Treasure yourself, and someone will treasure you the same (if not more).

This was one of the most profound quotes I found in my search. How true is it too?! So often, we hold on to commentary of our worth or become encumbered by what society says that we should be. Release that. Let your heart and your happiness determine what takes space in your mind.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the bad in your life. Take a break and check for perspective. Going through a breakup? He/She wasn’t meant for you. Lost your job? This is an opportunity to find something new and better!

In line with my resolution to find something to be grateful for at the start and end of every day, there is always something good out of a bad day or a bad situation.

Everything happens for a reason. The reason may not be obvious at first. Don’t consume yourself with trying to figure out why, when you can work toward a better tomorrow.

Again, we spend so much time trying to mold ourselves into what others want us to be, or what we think others want us to be. Just be you. Those who really matter will love you anyway.

My mom keeps reiterating this to me. I’m not going to be any good to anyone until I work on myself. I love to give, but it’s time to be a bit selfish for a while.

The power to believe in ourselves is entirely within us. We are the only thing holding ourselves back from our true self.

Be patient. There’s something great out there for all of us. It will all come in time.

It can be hard staying optimistic this time of year. ¬†Instead of being so concerned with what you’re “missing”, look at what you’ve been blessed with. I hope you all take a moment to really ¬†love and care for yourself. It will be worth it, I promise.

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