Obsession: Notebooks, Notepads, & Journals

I work for a tech company. We often have debates about what the best app or program is for keeping notes. You know what the best program is? A pen and paper! This weekend, I cut my finger while chopping vegetables. Typing hurts REAL bad, but holding a pen and putting it on a piece of paper doesn’t hurt my cut at all! I rounded up all of my notebooks, notepads and journals for this post…and realized I might have a problem.

I could spend hours browsing Paper Source, Minted, Bloom…the list is endless. In my life, I’ll collect notebooks, but I don’t use them until they have a purpose. Here’s a look into the many notebooks, notepads, and journals in my life.

These are the notebooks I keep in my room. Upper right…’In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar.’ This was my journal for two boyfriends. I got it shortly after arriving at UGA, and finally retired it after my recent break up. The floral notebook is actually a guided journal of sorts by Lea Michele. The last in the upper row is my new journal! Red is where I keep valuable/important bible verses for easy access. The polka dots journal is all about the books that I’ve been reading through my 2017 goals & resolutions. ‘Enjoy the Little Things’ is my catch all. I’ve used this the most for any written challenge¬†since starting Adventures in Nonsense.

Just a peek at the bible verses notebook. The front says “She makes the day brighter. She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.” This is one of my favorite notebooks.

I actually started the resolution in 2016, but got a little sidetracked. Whoops!

These stay on/near my coffee table. The notebook that says “Make it happen” I use to keep track of my workouts and different activity. The red and black notebooks (of course) are perfectly portable. I’m sure I’ll have one on me at all times in Europe this summer.

This is the start of May’s Journal Challenge.

A little throwback to my March Bible Challenge. I traveled a good bit in March, so I played some catch up days.

There’s something so cathartic and lovely about writing things down.

The first entry in my new journal! August 3, 2016…just four days after moving into my new home.

I’ve jumped on the bullet journal craze. I might not have the most beautiful handwriting…or creative handwriting at all, but I like it! I can keep things organized in my own way.

Anyone have an idea for a blog for me on May 23rd?

This is one of the most beautiful notebooks I’ve ever owned in my life. It was a graduation gift from one of my best friends in middle/high school. Our friendship actually started with the musical¬†Wicked, and he gave me my own Grimmerie. How cool is that?!

I mean, how beautiful is that?! There was a beautiful note written to me in the back. It was just one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.

I love keeping these around. The little black one is lovely for taking grocery shopping, and I use the white one for all of my long term lists…packing, things to do before Europe…

These have all been retired, in a manner of speaking. Most are filled with various quotes I’ve found and loved, so they’re nice to refer back to.

This poor notebook has seen many a move. If you are moving, I would definitely recommend getting one of these notebooks. With the pockets and it’s durability, it can definitely stand the test.

These were both a lovely gift from my mother. I haven’t found their purpose yet. They’re just so gorgeous that I don’t want to waste them!

I love hitting up the week after the first day of school sales. You can find so many great deals, and you can never have too many spiral notebooks.

Of course, I have some religious journals too. The story of the footprints is one of my absolute favorites.

In the words of Michael Scott: “SWAG – Stuff We All Get”. Isn’t that the sole purpose of going to conferences?!


Well, that’s me! If you own a paper or notebook company, I will be your biggest fan.

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