The Journal Challenge

I’m really bad about writing about myself and talking about myself. For the number of notebooks I have, you would think that I really love writing in a journal and reflecting on myself. False. Browsing through Pinterest, I found the “Emotional Eating Journal Challenge“. Thus, for the month of May, I’m going to try to journal more as my monthly challenge!

If you’re new to my monthly challenges, I’m trying to force myself into doing things to improve different aspects of my life. Whether it’s fitness or faith, I am single and working on me. I don’t depend on anyone, and only Olivia depends on me. Now is the time to do things for me!

I think that some of these prompts actually transcend emotional eating. These 30 days are all about adding more positivity into your life. Not even just that. It’s adding positivity and removing negativity. It’s a nice cycle though. The more you love and reflect on yourself, the more comfortable you are in your body.

I purchased a cute notebook that I’ve been working out of this year…my Bible Challenge and even my resolution of one thing to be grateful at the start and end of every day. It sure will be interesting to look back on this journal in a few years!  Be sure to check out the blog later this month for a peek into all of the journals that I own!

I mean, this is also super beneficial if it does end up helping with emotional eating. I usually swing one of two ways: I either stress eat, or I’m too busy that I don’t eat at all. My breakup? I probably dropped about 15 pounds. Once everything settled, I gained some healthy weight back, but still. Where I am now, I’d love to drop some weight or at least tone myself a bit.

I would love for you to follow along in this challenge with me! Share your experiences with me, and let’s help each other.

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