The Happiness List

March 20th is the International Day of Happiness. Amidst all of the darkness and uncertainty, we could use a holiday like this now more than ever.

To start, I urge you to do just one thing today to make one other person happy. Call your grandma. Set up a FaceTime cocktail date with a girlfriend. Text someone and let them know how grateful you are for them…and tell them why.

Now, we all know I’m a fan of lists. I even created a Book of Lists to help fuel my love for lists. Today, on this International Day of Happiness, I’m sharing a list of things that make me happy. If you get inspired and want to make your own, keep scrolling for a download! Write down everything you can think of that makes you happy. Post is somewhere you’ll see it often. Let this happiness be the light in these dark times.

The Happiness List

In no particular order…

  1. Olivia.
  2. Videos of my niece, Ellie, since she lives far away.
  3. FaceTime calls with my whole family.
  4. FaceTime calls with my grandma.
  5. Printed photos around my house.
  6. Changing some of those printed photos.
  7. The photos with my grandpa that will never come out of their frames.
  8. My foam roller.
  9. Reading actual books.
  10. Walking through the library.
  11. Walking through the library after a good workout.
  12. Reading before bedtime.
  13. Good wine.
  14. My house.
  15. The fenced in backyard at my house.
  16. My raised bed garden.
  17. Harry Potter movie marathons.
  18. Ice cold water.
  19. Scalding hot coffee.
  20. Soft pretzels.
  21. Icees.
  22. My reading corner.
  23. Burning candles.
  24. Getting dressed up, as long as pants aren’t involved. #dressesforlife
  25. Walks and hikes to beautiful places.
  26. Henry’s Louisiana Grill’s Bread Pudding. I haven’t found another quite as delicious…and I have tried A LOT.
  27. Cheesecake.
  28. Snail mail. Seriously, if you ever want to put a smile on my face, send me a card. Grab some really beautiful blank cards so you’re always ready.
  29. Lavender.
  30. Sleeping with the windows open.
  31. Clean linens.
  32. Old Navy.
  33. Walks around Target.
  34. Craft beer.
  35. Parks & Rec
  36. Notes written on paper with the greatest pens ever.
  37. Mahogany Teakwood from Bath & Body Works
  38. The fact that Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons never expire.
  39. A delicious, creative cocktail.
  40. Walking through antique shops.
  41. New York City.
  42. Cupcakes from Publix.
  43. Broadway shows.
  44. Showtunes. If you don’t want to sing and dance after listening to showtunes, you have no heart.
  45. Brownie a la mode.
  46. Baking anything. Or cooking a delicious meal in a perfect pan set.
  47. The word “believe.”
  48. Most rings from Pandora.
  49. The color pink.
  50. A different coffee mug every morning.

Ahhhhhhhh. Take a deep breath. Just making that list made me feel better, lighter even. That was only 50 things! I’ve started keeping a full list in my Book of Lists, so the number just keeps growing.

Now it’s time for you to make a Happiness List of your own! It takes less than five minutes. It’s amazing how just thinking of the things that make you happy can put a smile on your face. Here’s to you on this International Day of Happiness.

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