Why I Started Keeping a Book of Lists

At any given time, I have at least ten checklists in my head. Things like house projects, gift ideas, upcoming birthdays… It seem like it will never end. That’s why I’m celebrating National Checklist Day with my Book of Lists.

I tried keeping a bullet journal a couple of years ago. It was all the rage, and it gave me yet another excuse to buy a new notebook. However, I got so hung up on it having to be perfect that it very quickly lost its effectiveness.

A few weeks ago, I was having a hard day and took myself to the store to go shopping for things that I didn’t need, specifically to “treat myself.” I left the store with a bag of candy corn, mac and cheese, and a beautiful new notebook.

This new notebook had the dot grid like “bujos,” but was more of a soft cover. I bought it with no idea of how I would use it, but I found out pretty quickly: The Book of Lists.

What is a Book of Lists?

Essentially, it’s one place for me to keep track of everything as it comes up. Quotes I like, birthdays and celebrations through the year, blog ideas, books I want to read…anything. I’m keeping it more long term, so I avoid monthly, weekly, and daily task-like items.

Why should I start a Book of Lists?

There are a million different places that you can keep lists online. I mean, Goodreads, Amazon Wishlists, Pinterest, Google Docs. Digital possibilities are endless, but I don’t trust that they won’t disappear. With a paper book of lists, I don’t have to set a recurring calendar item every year for birthdays and anniversaries. Plus, writing it down helps me remember the dates more naturally.

What do I need?

Really, you don’t need much. Grab a notebook and a pen at the very least. I opted for a prettier notebook and some more colorful pens. Just because bullet journals weren’t for me doesn’t mean I don’t have all of the accouterments still.

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