Recursion by Blake Crouch

recursion blake crouch

Blake Crouch is one of the top on my list of red alert authors. Those authors where you’ll read anything they write, hype or not. I saw Recursion making the rounds through social media earlier this year, but the wait list at the library was too long. I managed to grab Dark Matter and loved it, so I put myself back on the wait list for Recursion. Spoiler alert: my new library is WAY better than my other one, so I only had to wait a few days.

The Story

Barry Sutton is a cop in New York City where there’s a new phenomenon or psychological disorder called False Memory Syndrome. People wake up one day and have these memories of complete lives they swear they’ve lived. Families and jobs and homes that seemingly never existed. Most of the population has no idea what is going on.

Helena Smith is a scientist working to develop a way to preserve human memories. Her mother is dealing with worsening dementia, which was the start of her goal.

Barry stumbles on a development in his investigations, and the world will never be the same.

My Thoughts

I really loved Recursion. It’s definitely one of my favorite reads from 2019. It had the perfect mixture of things I don’t know, but not overwhelming me with explanations. The story kept moving, even with different storylines happening in different time frames.

The best and worst parts about this are that I can’t share too much of the story or my thoughts without giving a ton away. Sometimes, they really do make the best books. This is another one, like Where the Crawdads Sing, that I would definitely go out and purchase to have a physical copy of my own.

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