Gift Ideas for Bakers of All Kinds

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I love spending time in the kitchen baking. My favorite day of the year is the day I spend baking all sorts of goodies for my family. There are some standards that I bake (like Jelly Cookies for my mom), but I usually like to try something new. Plus, I always try to bake something for the office. It’s cheaper than buying gifts for everyone.

I tell you all of this to truly get the point across that I know what I’m doing in the kitchen (in reference to baking). Thus, you can take my gift ideas for bakers straight to the bank. Some of these ideas even apply to general chefs as well, but I’m definitely focused on the bakers.

Piece de Resistance: The KitchenAid Mixer

baking setup
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My sister and brother in law purchased Petunia for me for my birthday a few years ago. It was a complete surprise, and it is an absolute life saver. I have saved so much time.

Baking Sheets with Silicone Baking Mats

Seriously, the combination of baking sheets plus baking mats is just magic. The bottoms of your cookies (or whatever you’re baking) always stay soft. My mom tends to prefer using parchment paper, but I swear by the silicone baking sheets. You can’t go wrong with a brand like Nordic Ware or Wilton’s for your pans. As for the baking mats, there are a ton of different ones out there.

A “Signature”

Hear me out on this one. Every baker should have some sort of signature. Whether it’s a cupcake liner or ribbon or what have you, find something that is indicative of your baker.That way, when he or she contributes something sweet to a gathering, there shall be no question that it came from your baker.

The Toolbox

The best gift idea for a baker, or a baker in training is to start their toolbox. The toolbox is just a few items, but they make all the difference.

  • Silicone Spatulas – I love this assorted set. The big ones are great for everyday use, and then the small ones are generally great for cupcakes and such.
  • Icing Spatula
  • Sturdy Spoon (silicone or wooden) – I have a greatt silicone spoon from Food Network, and my favorite wooden spoon from Ikea. They both work great in very different ways.
  • Metal Spatula – You want a small, semi-flexible one to get all of those brownies out of the pan.
  • Whisks – I actually prefer metal whisks to silicone ones. I find the silicone bends too much to be able to mix anything very well.
  • Hand Mixer – Even with a KitchenAid mixer, it never hurts to have a backup. Also, when it comes to hand mixers, you get what you pay for. Spend the extra few dollars and get a KitchenAid.

An Apron

I’ll be honest. I don’t quite understand the use of an apron. I guess it’s for those perfect people who come home or get dressed up and then go into the kitchen to cook or bake. Honestly, when I know I’m baking, I wear clothes I don’t care about as much. Also, I’m pretty clean when it comes to baking…except for my counters. You can usually count those as a mess. However, I do own two aprons, and would claim them as one of the best gift ideas for bakers.

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