6 Ways to Start Your Year Right

We all have high hopes for ourselves in January. Some of us even last until February or March! In order to achieve your goals and sustain those resolutions, you need a firm foundation. Here are six ways to help start your year off right!

1. Find the right mindset.

For me, this year is about positive vibes only. That means letting go of people, things, and situations that don’t make me happy. You have to determine the proper mindset for you. Maybe you need to work harder on focusing or confidence. Just find the right mindset for you.

2. Select actionable and attainable resolutions.

A lot of people think that resolutions are cliche. However, it’s something for you to work toward all year to better yourself. My resolutions this year help with my mindset and knowledge. Perhaps there’s a part of your life you want to improve. Start there, and make a resolution.

3. Watch your spending.

After the holidays, people generally go one of two ways: spending holiday cash, or not spending at all. Aim for the conservative side. You do not need a new inflatable for your yard just because it’s on sale. If you follow my tips and printables, you can save aggressively so all your future dreams can come true!

4. Start eating healthy.

Yes, you should incorporate vegetables and water into your diet. However, eating healthy also means allowing yourself the indulgences every once in a while. I’m working toward finding some healthier indulgences.

5. Get active!

You don’t have to spend a fortune at a gym or for a trainer. With just a few pieces, you can have the perfect home gym. It’s great for all you homebodies that would prefer not to work out next to Mr. Biceps or Ms. Abs, touching other people’s sweat.

6. Find people to hold you accountable.

That’s what you guys are for! Whether you get workout buddies, join a book club, or post about your life publicly on a blog or other social media platform, just be sure to find those people who will help hold you accountable toward your success.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the start of a new year. However, with the right foundation, you can be successful all year long.

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