Catholic Woman’s Guide to Faith at Home

I’ve shared a bit before that I’m Catholic, born and raised. My saint at confirmation was St. Therese of Lisieux. Now, since I came to Athens for college, I’ve missed out a bit on the church scene. It’s important to me to be able to have access to my faith from “afar”. Over the years, I’ve been able to collect a few books to help with my faith, and I’m sharing them with you today!\

The Catholic Journaling Bible – This was my most recent purchase. I’ve been using a Catholic Youth Bible since high school, and I thought it might be time for an upgrade. This bible is BEAUTIFUL. There are spaces in the margins for notes or doodles, and just lovely verses throughout.

Sirach is one of my favorite books in the Bible. It’s one of those not included in Protestant bibles.

These are the supplemental materials I have. Two are devotionals, and the other two are prayer books. A lot of times, I tend to have difficulties with prayers. I get distracted or I feel greedy, so having prayer examples is helpful. IT’s a bit of guidance to get me started at least.

A Catholic Woman’s Book of Days – This is a lovely devotional for women. It’s definitely one of my favorites. There are prayers and verses for every year. They’re not date-specific, so you can use it over and over (if you choose).

Everyday Catholic Prayer – Again, these are helpful for keeping me focused in my prayers.

Jesus Calling – This is one of the more popular devotionals I’ve seen around. Now, this one isn’t specifically Catholic, so you could use it for any Christian faith. This is also a daily devotional, so you can reuse it year over year.

The Catholic Prayer Book – Another little nugget of prayers. These surround themes too, so you can pray based on where you are or what you’re looking for.

Now, Catholicism isn’t for everyone. Regardless of your faith (or even if you don’t have a faith), just believe in something! You’ll see the difference in your life if you find that you believe in something greater (or complementary) to you.

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