January: Current Musical Obsessions

Happy Sunday! I’ve been getting really bored of my music recently, so I’ve tried to find new songs and artists to listen to. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve actually stumbled across a few new artists I’m kind of obsessed with. Some are pretty new to the music scene, so I’m excited to see their success! Here’s an insight to my favorite music right now.

  • “Lipstick” – Runaway June – If you’re gonna love somebody | You better love somebody | Who ruins your lipstick not your mascara. Preach, ladies. You’re speaking the truth!
  • “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” – Drake White – Man, does he have a voice! I hope to find a man who feels that I make him look good…or who can sing to me like this. I’ll take either.
  • “Unsteady – Erich Lee Gravity Remix” – X Ambassadors, Erich Lee – So, I liked the standard version of this song, but always felt it was a bit boring. Adding the strings to the background of this version completely changed it. Talk about epic. If anyone is looking for a choreographed dance, I’ve had a lot of inspiration.
  • “You Oughta Know” – Alanis Morisette – This isn’t even a new song, but it sure is fun to belt angrily.
  • “One of Those Days” – Little Big Town – This is just a fun song! If it was summer, my windows would be down with the breeze running through my hair. I also think that it sounds way different than the other Little Big Town songs I’ve heard in the past.
  • “Sorry” – Ryan Kinder – I’ve never been a Justin Bieber fan, so I love when someone covers a catchy song in a better way.
  • “Heart & Soul” – HERESTOFIGHTIN – These guys are FANTASTIC. They’re exclusively (at the moment) in Colorado, so you should definitely be on the lookout for one of their concerts. Plus, the drummer is super attractive, so you can give him my number. 😉
  • “Loud” – Jessie J & Lindsey Stirling – Jessie J is incredibly talented, and Lindsey Stirling is my idol. How could this not be a fantastic song. Again, if you need a dance choreographed and don’t like “Unsteady”, this song inspires me too.
  • “Ocean – Live at Red Rocks” – John Butler -I’ve been in love with John Butler for years at this point. To watch him play this song is absolutely incredible. Whenever I need to calm down to a song without words, this is my go to.
  • “Wait for It” – Hamilton – I am the one thing in life I can control | I am inimitable | I am an original Come on! How many other songs use the word “inimitable”?! Also, great motto to consider if you’re feeling down. Thanks, Lin-Manuel.
  • “Hard Love” – NEEDTOBREATHE – I’ve said it before that NEEDTOBREATHE is probably my favorite band of all time. They put on a great show and have fantastic music. But there’s a reason that the road is long | It takes some time to make your courage strong.
  • “Fly, Fly Away” – Catch Me If You Can The Musical – I first heard Shoshana Bean sing this on some YouTube video many years ago. Lo and behold, they actually made the musical. It’s a fantastic book, and a really good movie (though the book is better). I wish I had a chance to see the show.
  • “Nothin’ In Between”” – Stephen Neal – This is one of my new finds! This song is also part of my “For When I’m in Love” playllist, so it doesn’t get listened to as much as I’d like. He’s super talented though, so you should definitely give him a listen.
  • “In Case You Didn’t Know” – Brett Young – This is another one in my “For When I’m In Love” playlist. I mean, the song is just pure love. It would make a great first dance for anyone looking!
  • “We Don’t Care (Riot Ten Remix)” – This is one of those songs that doesn’t really fit the rest of the list. However, it’s super motivating if you need to get something done.
  • “Leave” – Once the Musical – This is actually one of the more painful songs in this musical, but it’s also just so…raw. Bares it all and is good if you need to treat yourself to a good cry.
  • “Defying Gravity” – Wicked – Of course, this one is a favorite, and needs no explanation.
  • “One Last Time” – Hamilton – In this song, George Washington is saying gooodbye to the presidency. The harmonizing in this one is some of the most beautiful singing I’ve ever heard.
  • “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” – Rent – Again, another favorite. They’re doing a 20th anniversary tour too!
  • “If You’re Out There” – Washington University Stereotypes – This is actually an a capella version, and it just lovely. I think a song that we all need a little bit right now.
  • “Hold Back the River” – Gardiner Sisters – These girls are incredible. This is another song at the top of my list for when I want to sing or just take a breather.
  • “Better” – Gardiner Sisters – Two in a row! This is one of their originals and is a real pickmeup when you need to believe in yourself a bit.
  • “More Time” – NEEDTOBREATHE – This is the first song I ever heard from them, in the background of a scene in P.S. I Love You.
  • “Multiplied” – NEEDTOBREATHE – My favorite version is the “Live From The Woods” one. I mean, who doesn’t want a recording of their favorite band in concert?
  • “Waving through a Window” – Dear Evan Hansen The Musical – I fell in love with Pasek and Paul shortly after finding Shoshana Bean when she sang “Ready to Be Loved”. Now, they’re all successful with a Broadway musical!

That’s my top 25 for now! What are the songs you listen to on repeat? Seriously. I’m need more music!

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  1. Brett Young yes! <3

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