#FridayFive – March 2019

After January and February passed so quickly, I expected the same from March. However, that was not the case. Somehow, this was the longest month! With a mixture of travel, a short cold, and trying to settle back into normal life, March was a doozy.

House hunting!

Yes, this is crazy stressful, and I’ve had a frontal lobe headache for the past few weeks, but I’m so excited! After getting a letter from my apartment complex that they’re not renewing my lease because of upcoming renovations, I think the universe told me it’s officially time to make this next step!

Creamy Turkey Chili

This was a recent addition to my recipe repertoire! March is weird in the south. You have cool mornings and then super warm afternoons, but then it cools down a bit around dinnertime. You don’t need the heat or the AC, but it’s either chilly or warm inside. This Creamy Turkey Chili recipe is my new favorite. Just toss a bunch of stuff in the crock pot. It’s the best type of meal.

New nighttime routine.

march nighttime routine 2019

One of my goals for Lent was to spend time with my bible every day. I’ve added some devotional time before I go to bed, and it has been great! It’s the best way to wind down at the end of the day, and then I get to read for an hour or more. With my diffuser on, it’s the most relaxing way to end the day.

The most beautiful weather.

Springtime! The sun has been out, and I’m in love! We had so many rainy days in February and early March. I’m hoping that the sun is here to stay because it has been so restorative.

Once Upon A Time

I know I’m multiple years behind, but I’ve fallen in love with Once Upon A Time. I was in the same rotation of Netflix shows for…forever. I’ve been intrigued by the show for a while, so I have decided to dive straight in. It’s highly rated on the internet for a reason. I still have 5 seasons left. Though, I looked on IMDB, and one of the lead characters is in 17 episodes less than a couple other leads, so I’m curious about that one.

Here’s to hoping you all have a wonderful spring and enjoy this refreshing time. It’s a new season, so embrace all it has to offer.

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