You Are A Badass Every Day by Jen Sincero

you are a badass every day jen sincero

I love Jen Sincero. She went on a book tour for You Are A Badass Every Day earlier this year, but Barnes & Noble left out the fact that it was a wristband only event. Since I work, I didn’t have the chance to go get one. I’ve been cutting back on my spending, but I had some gift card money and I treated myself to her newest book.

I loved You Are A Badass. I bought it as a gift for a coworker for Christmas a couple of years ago, and recommend it as often as I can. The newest installment, You Are A Badass Every Day, is no different.

Well, it’s very different. Her other books are more tip based with chapters that include stories and action items. Every Day was way more inspirational. The “chapters” were super short and digestible, and it was just filled with positivity from cover to cover. I read it in one evening, just a couple of hours! There were some “activities” throughout the book too. I marked them to return to whenever I need to improve my headspace.

you are a badass every day quote jen sincero

Some of my favorites from You Are A Badass Every Day

Write down five accomplishments you’re proud of, five things you love about yourself, five things you love about your body, and five things you love about the life you’ve created so far.

Read your list over and over all day. Write down any beliefs that shift for you or any aha moments that come up.

You Are A Badass Every Day, Page 91

Think courageously, think largely, think audaciously, think magically.

You Are A Badass Every Day, Page 103

You are everything that brings you joy, lights you up, turns you on, holds your attention, fills your heart, cracks you up, makes you weep, calms you down, enlists your talents, inspires you to grow…

It’s all right there, inside yourself, everything you need to know about how to be the perfect expression of you. Trust your own gut, your own feelings, your own joy, above all else.

You Are A Badass Every Day, Page 163

Those are just a few of the Post-It flags I had. This book was more motivational in the direction of “you have everything you need” instead of “here’s how to get what you want”.

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Buy it for yourself, buy it as a gift. It’s just lovely, and I’m a forever fan of Jen Sincero.

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