In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

dark dark wood ruth ware

I’ve officially added Ruth Ware to my list of favorite authors. I really liked The Woman In Cabin 10, but In A Dark, Dark Wood was so much better! Honestly, I didn’t want to put it down. It was nice to read a book that quickly again.

dark dark wood ruth ware

The Story

In A Dark, Dark Wood centers around Nora, a fairly solo writer living in London. She receives an email invitation for one of her old college friend’s hen party. (In the US, we call them Bachelorette Parties.) It’s an odd group on the invitation, and Nora is hesitant about going. However, another friend ropes her in, and they maintain a pact for the duration of the party.

The party is up in the woods in what sounds like a beautiful glass house. Full of windows. Very secluded. The house belongs to the Maid of Honor’s family, but isn’t used in the winter.

As the party goes on, we learn that the bride, Clare, is marrying Nora’s ex-boyfriend (from high school). Nora is extra sketchy about that relationship, so you just know there’s something happening there. (Full disclosure: That is one twist that I guessed very early on.)

I think the best question is, “Who loaded it?”

Some thoughts on the Brits.

I’m not British. Clearly. However, I have some thoughts on their habits. Ruth Ware has included a lot of drinking and even cocaine as parts of her storylines. That gets a bit much for me, but maybe I’m wrong! Perhaps cocaine is a large part of the British lifestyle.

Really, that’s all that I can share without giving too much of In A Dark, Dark Wood away. This was a refreshing and fast read that I purchased on my way out of San Diego. Seriously. I bought it at the airport before a red eye, and it was so worth it.

dark dark wood ruth ware

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