Friday Five: January

january friday five 2019

Woohoo! First month of a new year (almost) complete! Congratulations on (basically) completing January. Here in Atlanta, it’s been brutally cold and windy. It has also rained almost every weekend, making it not so fun to get out and do things (or go grocery shopping).

Without further ado, here’s a wrap up of my five favorites from January:

Ear Warmer

God bless my mother for this one! She had knitted my sister and niece matching ponytail hats (essentially a beanie where you can pull your ponytail out of a hole at the top), and I was jealous. I had been walking Olivia a few too many times in the cold and coming back in with terrible earaches! So, my mom stepped in and knitted me an ear warmer with the most beautiful yarn! I’ve worn it every day since.

Essential Oil Roll-Ons

january essential oil roll ons
If anyone has a recommendation on best places for clothing donations, I could get rid of those bags in the background (and another in my bedroom).

My sister got these for me for Christmas. I used the “Attention Assist” when I had a two-day-long meeting at work earlier in the month. It helped keep my mind focused on the task(s) at hand, which was no easy feat.


I originally watched the first season and a half of Quantico when it had come on Netflix years ago. Apparently I’ve missed quite a few episodes. It had been so long since I had seen it that I didn’t remember much, so it was like watching it all over again. I’m telling you that I was gasping and jumping. However, caveat, the last season was terrible. I’m not exactly sure how on earth the writers got away with that season. Well, maybe that’s exactly why it was canceled. Such a shame.

Six The Musical

I’ve been talking about Tudor England way too much as of late. Magically, my Spotify recommended a song on my Discover Weekly Playlist. Turns out, it was from some Hamilton-esque musical in the West End, told from the perspective of Henry VIII’s six wives, set to pop music with present-day comparisons. I’ve had it on repeat since. Oddly enough, it makes the perfect workout soundtrack.

My Sherpa Blanket

Bless my sherpa blanket. It has kept me so toasty on these freezing nights. I almost feel like I need another one so I can have one in my living room and one in my bedroom. We’ll see.

That’s almost a wrap on January. I’m currently driving cross country to help my sister out. Follow along with us on Instagram with the hashtag #CCCrossCountry!

Here’s to hoping for good things in February! It’s my birthday month, so maybe bit of celebration. Who knows?

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