Road Trip Essentials

road trip essentials

The time has come for another (almost) cross-country road trip! A few years ago, I assisted in the drive from Newport, Rhode Island down to Atlanta. Now, we’re going from Atlanta to California. Phew. This one is a doozy.

I may as well be a seasoned pro at road trips now. So, I’m sharing my essentials that will keep you entertained, well fed, and sane.

Road Trip Essential #1: Snacks

Yes, this is the top essential. I’m not one to eat big meals. Plus, who wants to eat a big meal and then sit for hours while you drive? No one. Bring snack! This also helps keep you in control of what you’re eating so it’s not just fast food.

road trip snacks

For me, I’m bringing some power bars, pretzels, and some other “munchable” snacks. I’m also going to try to bring some fruit, and probably some sour gummy worms or a treat.

Road Trip Essential #2: Water

My sister’s trainer told her not to forego water because she doesn’t want to take a stop. I fully agree with her, but fear Elayne will not let me stop. You do have to stay hydrated on road trips like this!

Road Trip Essential #3: Audiobooks & Podcasts

This is actually the first time I’m trying an audiobook. My cousin and a friend of mine both recommended Defending Jacob by William Landay. Thanks to the wonder of Libby and by local public library, I was able to get it for free!

My brother-in-law hooked me up with an audiobook on Norse Mythology too! Thank you, Audible!

I’m also going to give podcasts another try! I just get so into them while I’m listening. There is gasping involved, and sometimes that’s not the best idea for a driver. I’m going to try My Favorite Murder and something a little lighter, maybe Do It Scared.

Road Trip Essential #4: Music

Thank you, Spotify, for having a plethora of music available. I have so many different playlists for everything from stress to bedtime to working out to belting my lungs out. There’s a playlist for every mood.

If you have any good road trip playlist or song recommendations, drop them below in the comments!

Road Trip Essential #5: Camera

How many times are you going to get to drive cross country? Be sure to document your adventures along the way. I’ll have my Nikon B500, so follow along on Instagram: #CCCrossCountry!

Can’t wait to share our adventures with you! Drop all of your entertainment recommendations below.

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