Perfect Pasta Salad Recipe

perfect pasta salad recipe

I know I eat pasta salad a lot. Seriously, it’s just the most delicious and versatile food. It’s a great way to sneak in vegetables and jazz up a boring salad. Which brings me to my Perfect Pasta Salad recipe.

I make this all the time. It’s loosely based off of a pasta salad recipe my sister used to make, but I make it a little bit differently each time. I’ve made it for parties and girls’ nights, and it’s always a hit.

The Perfect Pasta Salad Recipe is very DIY, so switch in any of your favorites. I’ll keep the ingredient list very generic.

Perfect Pasta Salad Ingredients

Perfect Pasta Salad Directions

  1. Start with your greens. Generally, I opt for a spinach/arugula mix or kale.
  2. Top with your pasta. I love using orzo or ditalini because they’re small and simple to eat in something like this.
  3. Add your toppings and dressing! This is where it gets crazy versatile. I’ve added corn, craisins, carrots, feta, salsa, fresh fruit, really anything goes.

Now, insider tip: I will cook my pasta, dress it, and refrigerate overnight. This helps the dressing go farther so you use less. However, I always top with a bit more balsamic when I eat it.

The Perfect Pasta Salad is always a party pleaser. If you’re looking for a last minute to bring to an event, it’s easy to toss together! I always use the recipe as a way to get some extra vegetables into my diet too. If I know I’m going out a lot during a week or traveling, this is a great lunch to keep on track.

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