Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

inkspell cornelia funke

I remember doing a book report in the 8th grade on Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. It was such an interesting story where the characters were able to read book characters to life! I always wished I could do that. When I learned (a few months ago) that it’s actually a trilogy, I was overjoyed. The second in the trilogy is called Inkspell.

A year after Inkheart

Inkspell begins about a year after Inkheart has concluded. Meggie, Mo, and Resa are living with Elinor and Darius in Elinor’s beautiful home. Resa and Meggie can’t stop reliving and talking about the Inkworld, to Mo’s displeasure.

Dustfinger is desperate to return to the Inkworld after ten years in “real life”. He finds another magical reader who calls himself Orpheus. Farid wants to enter the Inkworld with Dustfinger as well. Orpheus is able to read Dustfinger back into his story, but leaves Farid behind.

Basta and Mortola, the only survivors from Capricorn’s world return with an endeavor to also get back to the Inkworld. Farid turns to Meggie for help, and the two of them are able to enter the story. Orpheus works his magic, and Basta, Mortola, Mo, and Resa are close behind.

From there, Inkspell goes a few too many different ways. We’re following five or six main characters all across the Inkworld. However, it’s such an engaging story. I wish that I had figured out the trilogy years ago, back when young-adult fiction was a bit more reasonable.

If you’re looking for a story you can really dive in to, follow the Inkworld trilogy. I’m only a bit into Inkdeath, but I can’t wait to see how the trilogy ends.

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