Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

inkdeath cornelia funke

I finally finished the Inkworld trilogy! Inkdeath took me longer than I wanted it to. Sometimes, you just need a break in between super fantastical stories, and I didn’t really give myself that. I ended up separating my time between reading it and listening to it. I had a travel break in there, and didn’t want to lug it around but still wanted to make some progress.

inkdeath cornelia funke

The Story of Inkdeath

Inkspell left off with Orpheus just barely joining the Inkworld. We were left on a hook, wondering the impact that he would have. Meggie, Resa, and Mortimer have been in the Inkworld for about three months at this point, and Elinor is desperate to get to them.

Mortimer is embracing his role as the Bluejay. What started out as a story has now evolved into his actual disposition. He is the pinnacle of this story, at the heart of each item of discord.

The Adderhead is still alive, though decaying from the inside out. His daughter wants him dead and strikes up a deal with Mortimer. Fegnolio starts writing again based purely on need.

The Issues in Inkdeath

I thought for sure I missed the heart of creation with a new character “the Milksop”. He’s the brother in law of the Adderhead. However, there had to have been a few sentences or a chapter missing since Violante didn’t remarry, and the Adderhead didn’t have a sister. Seriously, the Milksop just came out of nowhere.

Again, the story felt longer than it needed to be. It felt like we reached an appropriate story conclusion, only to have it continue. That has permeated its way through all of Cornelie Funke’s Inkworld trilogy.

All in, I’m so glad that I finally finished this trilogy! Something that I started in the eighth grade I finally completed when I was 27. From Inkheart to Inkspell, and finally ending in Inkdeath, I can honestly say that the Inkworld is one of the most vivid I’ve ever read.

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