My Sister, The Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite

my sister the serial killer review

I was PUMPED when My Sister, The Serial Killer was an option for our book club selection. I had seen so many of my favorite book bloggers posting all about it. Since I’ve put myself on a bit of a book-buying ban, I was trying to stay away, but I can’t let my book club down. Thanks, book club!

my sister the serial killer

The Story

My Sister, The Serial Killer opens with Korede going to the aid of her sister, Ayoola. It turns out Ayoola has killed a man, and she needs clean up help. Wanting to protect and care for her younger sister, Korede certainly helps.

As the story goes on, we learn a bit more about the dynamic of these two sisters. Ayoola is clearly the favorite, by strangers as well as her own family, with multiple deaths under her belt. Korede is shunted aside: less attractive, hard worker, and direct. Their mother is focused on getting the girls married, because that is what good Nigerian women do.

Ayoola begins a relationship with Korede’s crush at the hospital where she works, a handsome doctor. Will Ayoola kill another man?

The Issues

There weren’t a ton of issues, but I was definitely left wanting more. I’m not a fan of books that end with a “What if?” or hypothetical concerns. That’s what My Sister, The Serial Killer did. I honestly thought there was a chapter missing.

Another thing was the actual make of the book. You can tell someone reads a lot when they complain about the shape of a book and the thickness of the pages. It felt like every page of this book was two pages of a regular book. It was just disorienting in my hands. However, that did turn it into a much quicker read than I thought.

Deal Alert!

Looks like they have My Sister, The Serial Killer available for just $3.99 on Kindle! Don’t forget the free reading app if you don’t have the Kindle Paperwhite (or other iterations).

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