Homecoming by Kass Morgan


The Colony is coming to Earth. The 100 initially started with one hundred under 18 year old “convicts” being sentenced to Earth to find if it was inhabitable since they were indispensable. Day 21 brings forth Earthborns and conflict on Earth.

Catch up on The 100 and Day 21 .

Homecoming picks up on one of the drop ships as it’s hurtling toward Earth. Six dropships stuffed with Colonists are on their way to Earth, disrupting everything the one hundred have built thus far. Worst of all, the Vice-Chancellor is coming, power-hungry and ready to take over.

The dropships land in a pile of destruction. They launched so soon after each other and were on such similar trajectories that it’s a miracle they didn’t land on top of each other. There are dead and broken bodies everywhere. The original one hundred go to help the newcomers and aim to establish homeostasis with this new group.

On their side are the Earthborns near Mount Weather, the underground fortress built do withstand the nuclear war that rocked the planet more than three hundred years prior. The Earthborns are actually from Mount Weather, so they’re familiar with the location.

Soon after the Colonists’ arrival, the evil Vice Chancellor takes over with his guards, trying to enact the same suppressive rules and laws that were present on the spaceship. This includes the planned execution of some of the lead characters. This is not received well.

Homecoming turns into a battle between the one hundred + good Earthborns…then Colonists against bad Earthborns…it’s a pretty quickly developing battle.

Homecoming wraps up, seemingly, as everyone is finally happy on earth. The Colonists are getting along well now that they’ve reached a truce with the Earthborns. Clarke is reunited with her parents. They’re beginning a real community for the “rebirth” of the human race on Earth.

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