Rebellion by Kass Morgan


Today, we’re wrapping up The 100 series book reviews! Four reviews in one week. PHEW! This was a doozy. Rebellion is the last in the published series, questionably wrapping up the entire series.

Catch up on The 100Day 21, and Homecoming.

Homecoming wrapped up the standard predicaments and antagonists well. The Colonists and the Earthborns had reached an understanding, everyone was getting along, and it looked like the entire community was on the up and up. On that note, I honestly thought that Rebellion was unnecessary to the series.

I felt that the novel just introduced an antagonist (in the way of a group of cult members) for the sake of writing another book. The new camp is attacked on the night of their Harvest Feast (which also just made me think of Parks & Rec’s Harvest Festival), where some are killed, some are taken, and others are left behind.

From the moment these strangers started speaking to their new “recruits”, it just screamed “CULT”. They’re selective about “members”, aggressive whenever they want, and also believe that the Earth will talk to them. Based on context, I also think it’s possible that they’re headquartered in the Pentagon. Also, they have wagons. There’s never an explanation of who or what is pulling the wagons. If they’re horses, I’m so baffled as to why that was never a topic of wonderment from the Colonists or why everyone (aka Earthborns) didn’t have horses.

Then, add in Bellamy and Clarke fighting again, Wells acting the hero, and Octavia getting lost, and it felt pretty repetitive. While I did enjoy the ending (no spoilers here!), I felt that it could have also just been added to Homecoming and wrapped up in a trilogy.

Now that I’ve finished all four books, I can watch the Netflix series!

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