Book Review: Beautiful Uncertainty

I have a confession about my February book. I started reading Under the Dome by Stephen King shortly after finishing The Magnolia Story. It was a beast. Actually gave me nightmares a couple of times. It was kind of sucking the fun out of reading, which absolutely did not work with my resolution! I elected to move on to a different book.

I bought Beautiful Uncertainty by Mandy Hale a few months ago. I guess I was looking for new books to read? Who knows? I love buying new books. I didn’t read it at the time which was honestly the best blessing. Let me just tell you that I have never had a book speak to me the way that this one did. Mandy Hale has two books prior to this, so I think I would be interested to read those too!

If you’re a single female who is in need of a pick me up and doesn’t read too much, this is the book for you! Now, I am a single female who is always (as of late) in need of a pick me up who actually loves to read, so I finished it really quickly. This book made me laugh and cry almost simultaneously.

The book overviews a year of Mandy’s life, her thoughts, and especially her faith. Each chapter (which are amazingly short) is about an “uncertainty” in her life at that time. She talks about an ex coming into her life unexpectedly, feeling a little lost with her “calling” in life, and building relationships both romantically and with friends. Each chapter ends with a “beautiful certainty” of how God works in our lives or how we can work to become closer to Him.

Recently, I was offered a new opportunity that I was very torn about taking. I started reading that night, and the first chapter I read then ended with a beautiful certainty as follows:

“As scary as it might be to take a change…it’s scarier not to. There comes a time when you have to just stop waiting for the answers and start boldly living with the questions. As for me? I pray I’m always brave enough to take the shot. Go for it. Leap without looking. And walk through fear to see what — and who — is on the other side.

If you trust God and take a chance, good things might happen or bad things might happen, but if you don’t take a chance, nothing happens.”

Holy cow. Did I need to see that. I’m telling you, this book spoke to me. I didn’t end up taking the opportunity, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be more. I was trying to convince myself that the opportunity would be the turning point that I so desperately need.

Another chapter ended like this:

“I often need to be reminded that God’s timetable is better than mine. The in-between, the meantime, the waiting — it can all be frustrating, but it is in those moments we are refined, redesigned, and realigned with God’s will as He prepares us to be launched into our next chapter.”

Preach, sister!



 My mom has talked about “God winks” for years…times when something happens in your life, and you just know that it’s God looking out for you. Her best friend (and my godmother) lives in Colorado. My dad has the opportunity to travel there in February while my mom is on break from school. She and my dad had gone back and forth about whether my mom should tag along and get to see her best friend. Then, the day she was supposed to tell my dad whether she wanted to go or not, her friend texted her saying “I had a dream you came to visit me.” Whelp, there was my mom’s decision!

This book was my God wink. I bought it months ago. It’s been staring at me between #GIRLBOSS and Bossypants (unrelated to each other, but both fantastic). There was a reason I didn’t read that book when I bought it. I firmly believe, and am praying so hard, that this book is the turning point. It put me in the right mindset to continue working on myself first.

Each chapter ends with a prayer, so here’s one of my favorites for you:

God, I know that I am a weak, imperfect vessel. Thank You for giving me courage, for holding me up, and for showing me that through You and You alone, I can be strong. And most of all, thank You for taking the brokenness of my life and making it beautiful.

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