25 of My Favorite Things

In honor of my 25th birthday, for which I am not at all excited about, I’m sharing 25 of my favorite things! Future boyfriend/husband, friends, new family members…use this as a great starting point for future holidays! I’ll even save it to my Pinterest.

  1. Amazon – Not only does Amazon mostly guarantee my job, but you can find everything you need there! You can register for a wedding or a baby, make wishlists, even set up subscriptions so that you don’t have to remember to go to the store when you need toilet paper. How cool is that?!
  2. Netflix – I don’t have cable, so Netflix is just lovely. Big thanks to Elayne & Aaron for letting me piggy back on their subscription. I have the entirety of The Office and Parks and Rec any time I want it…aka “Customer Survey” and “Flu Season” on repeat.
  3. Spotify Premium – I’m a (mostly) huge fan of Spotify. The ads were becoming cumbersome. Enter Spotify Premium! No ads, and I can listen to music on the go. We’re on a family subcription at work that broke (and Spotify has THE WORST customer service) and those few days with the ads…phew.
  4. Twinkle lights – Since college, I have had twinkle lights in my room almost at all times. I find that it’s the most peaceful lighting for nighttime reading. I recently bought curtain twinkle lights…stay tuned!
  5. Glitter/sparkles – These get grouped together. If it can be sparkly or covered in glitter, yes please.
  6. Pink – I’m suprised the color pink did not pop up before number six! Everything is pink. Once, I had a professor remember me from a different semester as “the girl with all the pink”.
  7. Musicals – If they break out in song and dance, absolutely. Broadway, off-Broadway, The Fox Theatre…
  8. Coffee – I wish it was socially acceptable to wear a sign that says “Please don’t talk to me until I’ve finished my coffee.” I’ve actually had a doctor tell me I have a caffeine dependency and I need coffee every day.
  9. Reading/physical books – Obviously, my series for book reviews tells you a little something about my love for reading. I’ve gone back and forth about the eReader debate a hundred times. Nothing beats the feel of a book in your hand.
  10. Candles – This is kind of a new love. A friend of mine always has candles burning in her house, and I just love it. My sister was getting rid of quite a few in her move overseas. I’ve burned my way through all of them already. I think my personal favorite is either “Mulled Cider” (Walmart) or “Mahogany Teakwood” (Bath & Body Works).
  11. Blankets – There is nothing better than being cozy. Beyond extra comforters from previous apartments and dorm rooms, I have no fewer than 8 blankets in my house at any given time. My dream was to have a bushel basket of blankets. Damn bushel baskets.
  12. Outfits that don’t involve real pants or shoes – My mother has actually taken partial ownership on the shoe thing as of late! Apparently, she didn’t put shoes on me soon enough as a child. I always blamed dancing. Who wants to put real shoes on after you’ve been in pointe shoes for hours? As for the pants thing…come on. No one likes being in real pants! And society makes women’s pants too tight.
  13. Weather so beautiful that you can keep the doors and windows open – I live in the south, so this is generally about September to May if you’re lucky. Sometimes, I wake up with a tickle in my throat from the open window, but it saves me a ton.
  14. Baking – Baking has always been very cathartic for me. I love trying new recipes, and making something special for someone. If I’ve ever baked something from scratch just for you, you must be really important to me.
  15. School Supplies – Keep me away from this department from July – September. This was my favorite thing about going back to school, buying new supplies. If I had 20 notebooks, I would still buy more.
  16. Pinterest – Goodness gracious. I don’t know how any of us accomplished anything before Pinterest. My family and I have had colaborative boards for weddings and babies. My cousin even shared a board just with me of inspirational quotes to help me get through my breakup (Thanks, Em!).
  17. Lists – I have lists for everything and everywhere. Goals, groceries, cleaning, things to accomplish at work, appointments that I need to make…
  18. Wine – If it’s white, fruity, or bubbly, sign me up. I’m a bad wine drinker by any sommelier’s standard, but I do like a nice glass.
  19. Snuggles – Olivia, blankets, fires…again, I love being cozy.
  20. Logic Puzzles/Brain Teasers – Gotta keep the mind young! Plus, these are always nice to have around if I’ve been feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Concentrating on something else really helps to calm me down.
  21. Dancing – While I may not do it officially anymore, I still love to dance.
  22. Animals- I love most animals. I’m terrified of birds, but ducks are one of my favorites. I love going to the zoo or the aquarium. I even have an animal bucket list!
  23. Lavender – Though I despise everything purple, lavender has been my recent saving grace. My garbage bags, candles in my bedroom, laundry detergent…you name it, it smells like lavender.
  24. Travel Cups – Coffee cups, water cups, pool cups…I love it all. Just don’t put my name on it though. That’s annoying. Or my monogram. Way to #basic for me.
  25. The Beach – Everything is just so much more peaceful at the beach. I find that I’m much nicer and less stressed at the beach.

Well, happy birthday to me! I’m glad I could share a bit about myself with you. Here’s to hoping the next 25 are better than the first!

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