My Open Obsession: Pinterest

Ugh. It’s no secret that I love Pinterest. It was one of my favorite things! I love the opportunity it offers to keep all of your ideas in one place, and you can share all sorts of ideas with people all over the world. My family and I have used secret boards to plan weddings and babies (well, one wedding and one baby…), and it’s just a fun way to keep everything together. Let’s break down my Pinterest.

Travel Bucket List

These days, we come across so many different places to visit. You see Bobby’s pictures from his camping weekend or MaryBeth’s pictures from her European vacation, and you get inspired. Pinterest is a great place to keep your dream vacation spots in one place. Hopefully, I can cross some of these places off this summer!

Dream Closet

If I had unlimited funds and unlimited space, I would have the best closet. Surprisingly, a lot of my pins are pretty sassy tees. Things are also very slouchy, colorful, and girly. I pin a lot of sundresses for someone who lives on Old Navy v-neck tees.


This board hasn’t seen pins in quite some time. I guess it’s more of a wishlist of “what I wish I could do”.


You name it, I’ve pinned it. Over 1,000 pins on this board alone. Dresses, flowers, rings, who pays for what…if you’re getting married, you might want to start here.


This is a nice hodge podge of different inspiration. Some is about faith, love, creativity, music, even food! You can find inspiration for every part of your life.

Future Home

Like my Dream Closet, I am so ready for when I finally have a house and/or get to remodel anything. If I were to put a label on my style, besides aspiring to be like Joanna Gaines and everything she does, I like to think I’m “farmhouse chic”. Is that a thing? Lots of white, natural wood, and pops of colors.


This is where I pin all of my healthy recipes that I’m usually too tired to make. I need to get better though. There are so many different seasonal recipes that I really need to take advantage of. Sometimes I blame it on not wanting my computer in the kitchen. #clumsy Since I don’t have a printer, getting the recipes in a more accessible format is a bit tough.

Fabulous Shoes

I love shoes…I love shoes so much. Heels, sandals, booties…I love them all. Minus sneakers. Those I can do without. I love sparkles and colors. Shoes are always a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit.

It’s so cute…I’m gonna die.

Sometimes, you have a bad day and just really want to look at adorable things to make you smile. Full disclosure, there are a lot of golden retriever puppies. #sorrynotsorry The board name is, of course, inspired by sweet Agnes.



One day, I’ll have a love like the quotes I pin. However, this board is also full of corny and fandoms (Harry Potter and Doctor Who, of course).

Gift Ideas

This board is a mix of gifts I can get other people that they can also get for me! Sometimes, it’s pretty general, and othertimes (spellcheck says that’s not a word…) it’s specific. One of my favorites is the bracelet with a word or phrase “written” by a loved one.

My Design Career

I’ve already reflected on my previous career aspirations. I used Polyvore a lot to work on my “styling”. I used this board to publish the designs and save some of my favorite trends. I haven’t actually added to this in a bit.


This is super self-explanatory. I have quotes for everything: love, breakups, moving on, starting fresh. Sometimes, you just need someone else’s words. Be sure to stay tuned on the first Monday of the month for my top ten quotes series!


Everyone needs a good laugh. I keep a lot of mine all in one place.


One of my cousins got upset (jokingly) with me when I added this board. I’m the baby on that side of the family, so I’m still in pigtails and bows. This isn’t even just attractive men! Obviously Chris Hemsworth is attractive, but Stanley Tucci is one of my favorites of all time!

Jewelry Box

I’m not one to own a lot of jewelry. I’ve never really understood buying this bracelet or those earrings specifically for an outfit. I wear stud earrings, my FitBit, and the anchor ring my sister got me for her wedding every day. I love to collect beautiful things though. I’m pretty sure I could fit a new antler ring into my routine if someone gave me one. 😉

Workouts && Weight Loss

Some people can run. Those people intrigue me. I need variety in my workouts. I like those where you spell words and do different exercises.

DIY Projects

I’ve already mentioned that I usually hate anything creative that I do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have big aspirations! Once I learn how to make copycat Carmex, I’ll be golden.

Elayne && Aaron (2014)

My mom, sister, brother in law, and I were all in on this board. It helped with the planning, especially because we were planning  from three different cities at one point.

Christmas Treats

I bake everything for my family at Christmastime. I like to throw something new in there to deviate from the classics. However, most holiday sweets involve mint, which my mother doesn’t like.

Sweet Tooth

Sweets are my weakness! Why aren’t scientists figuring out how to make sweets negative calories?


Cocktails, smoothies, detox water, juicing…


I want to have a library like was in the Beast’s castle one day. I have so many lists of books that it can get a bit overwhelming sometimes.


This one is all me. This Christmas, my family just exchanged Pinterest wishlists. Pretty handy when people like me hate going to stores.


If you aren’t a member of Influenster yet, you should be! You can sign up HERE. They send out sample size and full size items, coupons…all from well known brands looking for your feedback.


This board is new. I’m an adult now, so I should probably get my beauty routine under control.

LBG 5.2.16

This started as “Little Baby Gorum” before we knew the gender, so don’t hold the boys’ clothes against us. I was convinced the whole time that Ellie was going to be a girl.

Give me a follow! You won’t be disappointed. Plus, I’d love to see your ideas too! Happy Pinning. 😉

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