DIY & Bulk Gifts for Coworkers

Holidays for coworkers can be kind of difficult. I love to give, but it can be very expensive to gift all of your coworkers. My first Christmas with my current company, there were maybe 15 employees. This Christmas, I think we’re getting close to 35-40!

There are options that are more financially conscious! You can generally make something for a lot less or buy in bulk, and make your effort go a lot farther.

DIY Gifts

Let’s be real. Pinterest is the best place for this kind of research. Honestly, there are countless different DIYs you could do.

  • Hot Apple Cider/Hot Chocolate Kits
  • Cookie Kits
  • Dip/Appetizer Kits
  • Office Supply Bundles
  • Kitchen Utensils

Another great DIY is to do things in your kitchen. I love to bake, so cookie bundles are always easy. If you do make something for your coworkers, just be sure to specify what is actually in the food items. You’d hate to give someone something they’re allergic to!

Bulk Pieces

Soaps – A lot of sampler packs will help gifts go a bit further. This pack has 15 soaps for $22.00. That’s only $1.50 for a sweet little something  for your female coworkers.

Chapstick – Now, lip care can be very specific to the person you’re buying for, but it’s also a nice gesture. Again, this is a 16 pack for $20.89. $1.31 per person. Put the chapstick and the soap together for less than $5 per person!

Brain Teasers/Hand Puzzles – You would be hard pressed to find a desk at our office that doesn’t have some sort of item with which to fidget.

K-Cups – Now, this is one you’d need to get a bit creative with. You could do one or two K-Cups in a little gift bag with some sugar and that non dairy creamer! It’s a sweet bulk gift, but also a little DIY.

You don’t have to go overboard for your coworkers over the holidays. Remember that something small let’s them know that you’re thinking of them and wishing them happy holidays.

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