Patience is a Virtue

Patience is something I don’t have too much of. Generally, I read the last page of a book because I don’t like not knowing how it ends. The Bachelor/Bachelorette? I almost always look up the spoilers to see who wins. Now that I don’t have cable, I can’t mentally afford to get involved in shows that don’t provide immediate gratification. Patience is definitely something I’m working on. Like they say, patience is a virtue.

patience acceptance

I’m a planner. I always have been and probably always will be. That’s where my patience runs thin. I’m 28. I thought I would be on my way to getting married and starting a family, but I’m still waiting for that to start. I have to remember that patience not only means waiting, but also means allowing things to happen in their time.

This is also my downfall. Upcoming trip? Where are we going to eat? What are we going to do? What is our contingency if (insert number of nonsense scenarios) happens? Have you thought about that scenario? It can ruin things (especially relationships).

I think this is beautiful…time and pressure. If things feel hard or you’re dragging, something great is going to come out on the other side. Just be patient in your journey.

This is a beautiful quote that I found on a newly discovered blog. Brittney Moses runs a faith and mental wellness blog. Isn’t that what patience is all about? If you have patience, that’s faith that things will happen as they’re meant to, and if you’re not constantly worrying, then its a mental health improvement. Amen to that!

This is about patience with yourself. Don’t get overwhelmed if you get placed or pushed somewhere you feel you’re not ready. Be patient, take a deep breath, and listen to your life and how you can best get through it.

We all get caught up in this. Quick weight loss. Rushing to the altar. Make money fast. Be patient and work for what you want. Patience and perseverance will help make the finish line so worth it.

Beautiful Uncertainty has been one of the most amazing books I’ve had the opportunity to read. I definitely read it at a time when it really spoke to me. Mandy Hale speaks amazing truth too. If something is not in your life right now, there’s a reason for it. Don’t get so caught up in ‘Why not?’, and focus on ‘Why am I here?’.

Wine gets better with age, right? Your future spouse is worth waiting for. Your future home? Absolutely. Don’t rush things because you deserve nothing but the best, and the best is worth waiting.

Be patient! You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Build a plan. Maybe it won’t happen today or tomorrow, but have patience and the belief that it will happen at the right time.

This is back to having patience with yourself. If you’re not happy and patient with yourself, the rest of your life will feel unbalanced. Get your mind in order, and the rest will fall into place.

Patience is a virtue. My mother always told me, “Don’t pray for patience, but pray for the strength to endure what you’re going through.” I think you need a bit of both. Remember that everything happens when it’s meant to, and not a moment sooner. Stay strong and be patient.

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