Life Isn’t About Perfection

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life thinking about the concept of perfection. It manages to creep up everywhere: work, relationships, physically. In a world where social media prevails, perfection is thrown into your face every day. People living perfect Instagram lives, sharing their perfect Facebook adventures. It’a hard not to get overwhelmed trying to achieve perfection.

real not perfect

perfection is annihilation

Who even defines perfection? Who says that skinny white girls with tan skin, perfect hair, and absurd amounts of makeup are perfect? Does having a Joana Gaines styled home make you perfect? (I actually might say yes on this one because she’s my idol.)

Your creativity makes you perfect. What differentiates you from the masses is what makes you the epitome of perfection.

chaos not perfection

perfectionism and shame

Gosh, this one spoke to me. It’s so true! If you aren’t perfect, are you going to be ashamed of who you are? Chances are, the answer is (a little bit) yesIf I don’t have a personal best when I run my marathon, it will be a waste of a race. Really? Not reaching your idea of perfection doesn’t belittle things you’ve achieved.

perfect effort transformation

crayons perfection

fear perfection

You’ll never be perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect. There is only one place in the entirety of life that is perfect, and you only get there if you die (after you lived a good life).

perfection happiness

inspire imperfection

When I scroll through Instagram, I’m more inspired by things like Raw Beauty Talks and Humans of NY. Yes, I follow plenty of celebrities and influencers, but I usually just get angry seeing them.

perfection is not worthAt the end of the day, perfection isn’t everything. Someone might tell you that it is…grades, timing, appearances…just remember to be you. You were put on this earth exactly as you are to be perfect. Godspeed.

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