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I’m trying to open myself up to new things and new experiences. We all know that I love wine. My friend Kate, over at A Thought & A Half, recommended an upcoming event in Chattanooga: Wine Over Water. In fact, she named it as one of the best things to do in Chattanooga in the fall.

Before I get into the event and the wine, let me tell you about why this event is extra special. This will be the first time Kate and I have gotten together since the 2000s. We met in preschool, and our parents were friends as we grew up as well. Due to some moves, we lost touch a bit in middle/high school. After reconnecting through Facebook in college, we’ve talked almost non-stop since. I’m so excited to see this girl!

Please forgive me, but I just had to share.

Wine Over Water 2017

Wine Over Water is basically an all weekend event, all over Chattanooga. The main event takes place Saturday night on Walnut Street Bridge. There are also other “Off The Bridge” events, like yoga and different chef dinners at local restaurants.

During the main event, you can sample from over 100 wineries! There will also be local restaurants offering small plates (so as to not have the wine go straight to your head!). In an effort to get ahead of the game, I’m researching some of the wineries, and sharing some that I’m most looking forward to.

One Hope Wine – I might just have to buy a bottle because they’re so beautiful! Their chardonnay comes in a glitter covered bottle! This is also a company that does good in the world, and gives back to their community. I can get behind a company like that!

Biagio Cru – They have a wine called “Rose All Day”! Umm…hello? That sounds amazing.

Tennessee Valley Winery – I have to try local. When in Tennessee, try Tennessee? They have some lovely fruit wines that I hope they bring with them!

Fess Parker Winery – They’re coming all the way from California, so it has to be a good wine, right? They even offer a wine club.¬†I really should get into that…

Michael David Winery – I looked into some of their limited wines, and they come¬† in such beautiful bottles! I’m not a big fan of red wine, but I might try it if it comes from a beautiful bottle.

There are also some “standards”: Gallo, Stella Rosa, etc. Have I mentioned how excited I am for this event? There will be a TON of pictures and plenty of feedback on my favorite wines next week.

I hope to see you all in Chattanooga this weekend!

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