Recap: Wine Over Water

I had the pleasure of attending Wine Over Water this past Saturday up in Chattanooga, TN. My good friend Kate and I spent the morning adventuring around Chattanooga.

Check out my prequel to the event HERE.

After adventuring around the Art District and grabbing some delicious snacks at Public House, we picked up our press passes and took a lap of the bridge, scoping out the wineries we wanted to start with.

Our first stop (and I think my favorite of the day) was SWEET TEA WINE. I repeat:


It was so delicious. They even gave out cards with cocktails you can make with it. There were so many possibilities. It’s called “Naughty Tea“. How cute is that?! It also helped that the entire color scheme was one of my favorite blush/peach colors. The rest of the day had high expectations.

I tried to stick with either white wines, bubbly wines, or sweet wines throughout the day. There were a few places that had sangria. After Spain, it’s difficult to find a truly delicious sangria, but I did find a couple!

One of my favorite wineries of the day was actually one that I picked out before I even made it to Chattanooga: One Hope. Each wine is for a different cause like rescue animals, autism, and child hunger. Every sale goes back to the community to do good things in the world. I can drink for a good cause.

Overall Thoughts – Wine Over Water

All in all, I thought it was a cool event! They sold out, which is so wonderful for the city of Chattanooga and its preservation efforts. The bridge did get very crowded. There wasn’t quite as much signage as I thought there would be, so it was difficult to see which winery was where. I was super grateful for the Publix contributions. They even had Smoked Gouda! The age demographic wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I may have just been in a college town for too long.

I would definitely recommend heading to Wine Over Water if you have the chance. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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  1. Nice! Looks like the perfect fun way to find new wines!

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