Take A Peek Into My Bookshelves

Even as a millennial in this increasingly digital world, there is nothing that replaces real books. I want to have a library in my future dream home. Walls just covered in books, a cozy fireplace (unless I’m by the beach), and a big armchair. One of  the ways to my heart is through books.

Currently, I have three full bookshelves in my home. I’ve also needed to convert part of my nightstand and my coffee table into book areas too because I’m positively overflowing. I love being able to share particular parts of my life with you guys, so here is a look into my bookshelves!

This is on my nightstand. I keep my journal there, especially for my Bible challenge. I also have a couple of devotionals and my Bible. That tub at the bottom is full of colored pencils and crayons. I have some adult coloring books stashed under my bed for when I just want to feel like a kid again.

This bookshelf is in my living room and probably displays the most “stuff”. As you can see, the bottom shelf has some old textbooks, magazines, and a boxes full of pictures and memories. A lot of the figurines you see are from either my travels, or gifts from friends and family. There are a couple of pictures of Grace (still need to print some of Olivia), my sister and I, and even a vanity picture of myself on the day I graduated from UGA. #noshame #proudgrad Some people display their coffee table books on the coffee table, but I keep mine on the shelf so people won’t put  their grubby hands on them. Of course, I have my cookbooks on the bookshelf closest to my kitchen for easy access. I also have some books for some of my nerdier interests like psychology and mythology.

My dad made this bookshelf for me. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, and it’s the sturdiest (Or, as I said when I was younger: “sturby”) one I own. A lot of my “young adult” novels are here, as well as most of my series: I Am Number Four, Robert Langdon, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc. I also have a shelf for non-fiction/memoirs. I shared Bossypants with my mother when she went on a cruise with my dad, and she said that people were staring at her because she was laughing so hard in public. I also like to display some programs and additional materials from shows that I love: Kooza, a Cirque du Soleil show that I saw with my sister, and, of course, Wicked memorabilia.

My dad made this bookshelf too! For the record, I also have a picture of this bookshelf without Olivia, but she tried to pose in front of every one, so I had to give her one! I saw a picture of a black and pink bookshelf on Pinterest (of course), and just decided that I had to have it. My dad made it happen beautifully. There’s Harry Potter and some of my less than favorite books, like The Spectacular Now. Don’t read that book. I will save you the time. You can also see my brief obsession with Barnes & Noble Classics. There was a time when I had gift cards and they did a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale.

I “gave up” Netflix before bed for Lent. Let me just say, that I’m doing well! It’s actually something that I’m probably going to stick with even after Easter. The other night, I read 150 pages or something and just couldn’t put the book down. Reading is just such a better use of your time than playing video games or scrolling through your phone for the millionth time. What books would you recommend? Do you have any on your bookshelf that I do too?

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