Meet Me Inside: Glover Park Brewery

One of the biggest things I’ve missed since moving to Marietta is close proximity to delicious breweries. Let me just say that Glover Park Brewery has mended that heartbreak! I had the opportunity to attend a soft opening at “The Park” last week, and am so exited to share with you one of my new favorite places.

beer garden

Before I get into anything about the brewery itself, I just want to talk about the community. This was a soft opening, mostly for friends and family. Most everyone had a direct connection to the owners, who re decendants of long time Mariettans. With Marietta Square modernizing, they felt it was time to bring a brewery to downtown Marietta. The support from the local community was just lovely to see. So many happy faces all out to welcome a new business to downtown.


Right now, Glover Park Brewery has six different beers. I’ve been promised that there will be darker beers as we get into colder months, so I’m excited for that. I had the opportunity to try each beer, and I’ve got some honest thoughts.

beers on tap

  • Base Camp. Lager Style Ale, ABV 5.5%. “Easy drinking light ale with German malts and hops. Adventure starts here.”
    • This was better than the Square Groover, but also not as delicious as Sessions Street. If you’re looking for something lighter with a bit more of a bite, start here.
  • Square Groover. Golden Ale, ABV 5%. “Smooth, light and laid back with a delicate hop character. Relax and repeat.”
    • I’m generally a hit or miss on golden ales. This one was good, but I did not enjoy it quite as much as the Sessions Street. It was definitely smooth, and a great drink for pool days or summer heat.
  • Can I Get a WITness. Belgian Wit, ABV 5%. “Straw colored wheat ale flavored with orange peel and coriander. Tasting is believing.”
    • This was probably my second favorite.  I liked the slight fruity flavor.
  • Sessions Street. Saison, ABV 5%. “Crisp, dry Belgian ale with slight bitterness and lemon tartness. Very sessionable.”
    • This was the first one I tried, and I loved it. I generally enjoy a good saison, so it was the ‘safest’ place to start.
  • Off The Tracks. West Coast IPA, ABV 7%. “Big and bbold, features 5 hop varieties an a lingering flavor. Hang on for the ride.”
    • Let me preface this with the fact that I do not enjoy IPAs. They’re too…”bitey” for me. I don’t enjoy the aftertaste. However, this was pretty good. Of the six at Glover Park, this was my least favorite.
  • Some Beach. Tropical IPA, ABV 6.5%. “Sharp and refreshing, generous hop contributions with tropical and citrus notes. Get your beach on.”
    • As far as IPAs go, this was good. I did not make it more than a couple of sips, but it was on the fruitier side which was nice.

There’s also an entire event space at Glover Park Brewery as well! The downstairs is the tap room and connects to the beer garden. The upstairs is wide open and just FULL of sunlight. I had the opportunity to meet the Event Planner/Manager when I was there, and she was just so sweet. Future brides are in good hands with her.

brewery events

Glover Park Brewery Event

Luckily enough, I also had the opportunity to go back to Glover Park Brewery this weekend for the College Football Kickoff. Everyone was out in gameday attire. It was a feeling of community, even with some SEC rivals around. I was concerned that I’d miss that community of UGA fans when I moved from Athens, but Glover Park Brewery is a great place to go. They have plenty of televisions and, of course, all the beer.

As much as I love it there and want to tell everyone about it, I’d also like to keep Glover Park Brewery to myself.

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  1. So happy to have met you last week. Come back anytime! Great article 🙂
    Xoxo – Brittany Newell, Director of Events

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