Friday Five: August 2018

friday five

I’m not going to lie. It’s been a struggle trying to find five NEW and different things that I loved in August. I traveled more than I usually do. I cut out unnecessary spending. Since I was traveling at weird increments, I didn’t really try any new recipes. August kind of felt like a mess.

friday five august

Family. There were some unfortunate circumstances that brought my family together this month. However, I was reminded how much I love them and how important family really is. We’re spread out all over the country. There are children and grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. At one point, the great-grandchildren were all holding hands, just running around the room, no barriers, no fear…just family.

august family

Amazon Original Stories. I really love true crime. Something super interesting that Amazon has done recently is release some original short stories. Of note, the Bloodlands Collection. It’s six different true crime short stories. These DID give me the terrifying feels that I wanted from I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. It’s all true stories too…someone who went on a shooting spree and killed 13 people, another that murdered people by bashing their heads in with a brick. These are true stories that I had NEVER heard of.

Time alone. I know I’ve been grateful for “unplugged” or quiet time before. However, I’m also trying to become more adventurous and do things on my own. From an unfortunate turn of events, I found myself at an Atlanta Braves game by myself this month. A girlfriend was meant to meet me there, but got stuck with a rotten summer cold. However, it wasn’t that bad! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and it got me out of the house. No, I didn’t really meet anyone, but I spoke to strangers! I was around other people and nothing bad happened to me!

atlanta braves august

New jeans. Yes, I am grateful for new jeans. For all the ladies out there, we all know that jeans shopping is the worst, second only to bra shopping. I forgot that our conference “uniform” is jeans and a tshirt. The only jeans I had were tight and uncomfortable in weird places (#calves). I also loathe that women’s jeans are always skinny jeans. However, this month, Old Navy was a godsend. I was able to get some super skinny jeans that are also super stretchy. Some boyfriend jeans that don’t look like I stole them from some man off the street.

Indianapolis. I had to travel to Indianapolis, IN, for a conference last week. I was kind of dragging my heels, thinking it was a less than exciting city. However, I have fallen in love. We all know that I am Leslie Knope at heart, and being in her stomping ground just filled my heart. There was a deer pond! And the weather was phenomenal. I walked all over the downtown area by myself at one point. We had lunch at this “food court” of mom & pop restaurants. I found an açaí bowl! There are monuments everywhere! I weirdly fell in love.

hotel tango indianapolis august

indianapolis deer fountain

indianapolis city center

indianapolis catholic church

At the end of the day, there’s always something to love. August may have been a busier month that didn’t allow me as much time as I would have liked. I was in my first car accident. I attended my uncle’s memorial service. I paid off some loans. But hey. August had an extra Friday, so we can celebrate that!

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