Bucket List: Music

music bucket list

I’ve tried to get better about willing to spend money on things that I want to do. In 2017, that meant going on some solo dates to concerts. There have been a few coming across my calendar this year. Unfortunately, I seem to have conflicts for a few of them. Regardless, it should be documented somewhere all of the musicians I want to see in concert. Thus, my Bucket List of Music.

music bucket list

Shoshana Bean

Florence + The Machine

Josh Groban

Idina Menzel


John Butler

Some of these performers I have loved for years. Some I’ve found through my obsession with musical theatre. Josh Groban and Idina Menzel are touring this fall, and I have to be at a work event!

As an added bonus of the favorites I love, I’ve even made a Bucket List playlist on Spotify for the favorites of my favorites…Did I just say “favorites” too many times?

So, I guess my next question…who wants to house me and pay for travel and tickets for me to see all of my dream musical acts? Bonus points if any of them perform at Red Rocks! What performers would you recommend I add to the list?

Title photo by Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash.

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