Writing Your House Wishlist

house wishlist

We’re back for more Adventures In House Hunting! Somehow, the house hunt hasn’t gotten any easier, even though I’m pretty sure I have the easiest house wishlist. Luckily, my leasing office was kind enough to extend my lease for another month and a half to buy me some more time to find somewhere.

When I got started on my house hunt, I thought I was fairly low maintenance. I’m just looking for somewhere for me and my dog. I don’t need a ton of space or have a lot of specifics. Since I work from home, a commute wasn’t really an issue, so I didn’t have to focus on specific neighborhoods.

I didn’t realize how…picky you sometimes have to be when it comes to having a house wishlist. Thus, I’m here to help from recent experience.

Writing Your House Wishlist

Step One: Turn off the majority of your distractions and sit down with 1-4 sheets of blank paper and colorful pens (if you choose). If you chose one piece of paper, make four columns. If you have four pieces of paper, great!

Step Two: Label your columns or pieces of paper as follows.

  • Must Have
  • Can’t Have
  • Wishlist
  • Things I Don’t Really Care About

Step Three: Word vomit all over the pages. Seriously, just write down anything you can think of to put into your house wishlist, as it applies to the four categories outlined.

Step Four: Walk away from the list. Go to an open house. Get in the field and looking at properties in person.

Step Five: Return to the lists and revise.

house wishlist columns
house wishlist

It is so important to revise! There were two pretty big things that came up after I saw some properties. Originally, I was looking for 1200-1800 square feet. Then, I went to some properties in that range, and it was HUGE. I actually found some great houses under 1000 square feet.

The second thing? I couldn’t have my washer and dryer in the kitchen area if it wasn’t behind a door of some sort. The very first house I walked in to had the washer and dryer practically as part of the kitchen! In my apartment now, they’re near the kitchen, but they’re behind closed doors.

After you’ve seen a few properties, if you’re displeased, revise your house wishlist more! Weigh your priorities. Maybe you don’t need a yard if there’s a park within walking distance. Perhaps you don’t need a separate formal dining room (really, who does?).

In the end, I think I’m still pretty low maintenance. I have to be for my budget, but I’m still hopeful I’ll find the perfect home for me. Here’s to hoping there’s something before the end of July!

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