Friday Five: May 2019

I think I’ve started all of these in the last few months saying, “This was a rough month, but there’s always something to be grateful for.” This month has consisted of a lot of house things, but I’m hoping that will settle down after June!


Yes, I am again grateful for Pinterest. I have a few pieces of furniture I had growing up that I’m now inheriting, so I’ve been looking at a ton of “furniture repurposing.” I’ve also been concerned about the colors for my bedroom, but Pinterest made me feel much better about it all.

Story Of My Life

I love this fun little notebook I saw at Target! I’m trying to journal more and write things down, but I’m terrible when it comes to journaling. I’ll forget or the entries are all the same thing (my life is pretty boring). This journal is FULL of questions on everything from family to travel to work. It’s great to set yourself up to have something to hand down to your family!

Infinite Scroll on the Amazon Fire Tablet

This was the coolest new update! Generally, I save my Amazon Fire for games or Pinterest, but I started reading on it recently. There’s a new update that allows for INFINITE SCROLL. It makes the time you spend reading go by super fast!

Pool Time

pool may 2019

We went straight from late winter to the heart of summer. There was no spring time. Thankfully, the pool at my apartment complex opened early (before Memorial Day). I haven’t gone very often, and I can’t stay for long, but it has been nice to get up and out of the house and relax a bit. I still read by the pool because idle time is wasted time, but it’s still nice and relaxing.

Sketch Pads

I’ve had a few projects pop up at work that have warranted drafting things out with diagrams and notes and everything. The tools we have at our disposal on the internet don’t ever let you see the whole picture, so I’ve been using sketch pads pretty religiously.

Here’s to hoping June is better! Stay tuned for some pretty big updates along the way (and the return of some book blogs).

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