Gift Ideas for Writers

gift ideas for writers

I don’t really count myself as a writer. Yeah, I write some blogs here and I do a good bit of writing for my real job, but I count “writers” as people who write books. Or maybe just those who get paid for what they put on paper (or on the internet). However, I’ve known enough writers in my life to know that they can be difficult to shop for. However, I have some amazing gift ideas for writers, no matter how difficult they may be.

Mug Warmer

Have you ever had a moment where you get a train of thought and you ride that train for as long as you possibly can? I feel like that’s how writers are all the time. So much so that their coffee or tea gets cold. Not with a mug warmer! If you want to take it a step further, get an Ember Mug.

Writing Prompts

Sometimes, writers need to be pulled out of a rut. They call it “writer’s block” for a reason. What better to help than a cute notebook or journal of writing prompts? It’s silly questions designed to make you think and get out of the box.

A Monster Water Bottle

A bigger water bottle means more time writing, and less time getting up to refill a glass…though you may need to use the restroom more. Hydration is so incredibly important, so make sure your writers get all the water they need.

Custom Stationery

Your writer friend will be famous one day, so get them some beautiful stationery for their thank you notes and correspondence.

Now, I’d hazard the best idea for your writer is something they’ve asked for. However, if they’re drawing a blank, these are great ideas. If they have a favorite pen or notebook, that’s always nice too.

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