Friday Five: July 2019

Phew. It’s been a minute since I gathered my #FridayFive. Life really gets away from you when you’re traveling and buying a house and moving in and decorating and…damn. I feel like I’ve both done a lot and very little all at the same time.

My New House

Yay! I love my new house! It still doesn’t really feel like “mine.” It just feels like the next place I’m living. I’m exhausted with all the decorating, and I 100% understand the term “house poor.” One thing is that Olivia hardly goes to the bathroom in the yard! I was looking forward to tossing her outside to do her business, and she doesn’t. She just gets so distracted by the bugs and the birds and won’t go. Then, we come inside, and she stares at me until I walk her. Any tips?

The Shed

Luckily, my house came with a garage. Unluckily, the garage is fairly small. There’s enough space for a couple of shelves and my car, and that’s pretty much it. With a yard, I have a lawn mower (and more yard tools on the “to buy” list) and it was too large to let me park in my garage. Enter, the shed. I thought one of those Rubbermaid half sheds would work, but I was wrong. Thankfully, Amazon had something that didn’t quite blow my budget, but was more than I wanted to spend.

Home Stores

I have spent more time at Home Depot and Hobby Lobby than anywhere else in the last month. Things that I want are never on sale at the same time at Hobby Lobby, so it involves going back almost weekly. Side note, I bought handles and knobs for my dresser and closet for less than $15! I’ve also severely over-bought at Home Depot to avoid going back a bunch of times, but that means going back and returning things later. I’m surprised they still let me back.


A friend at work got this for me as part of my Secret Santa gift last year. It has taken me a minute to get to it. After having a terrible experience with a book by page 6, I picked up Artemis. It’s such an easy and entertaining read! I’m still trying to find different ways to build more reading time into my days.


Bonus: That’s Pinot Grigio from Ava Grace Vineyards, and it’s incredible! Not too sweet, but not too dry. I would highly recommend it.

The Gym in the Morning

I’ve scheduled two mornings a week to go to the gym in the morning before work. It brings a brand new form of energy to my day, but also makes the day feel longer. I will say that people seem more friendly in the mornings! I just plan on moving to a closer gym once my current agreement is up. Any recommendations?

I’m trying to get back on track in August. Working out, cooking, reading, blogging…all of it. Stay tuned and hold me accountable.

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