Spring Cleaning: Getting All Aspects of your Life Organized

I’m fairly certain 85% of the month of March is dedicated to Spring Cleaning. For most people, they’re cleaning their homes…maybe their desks or offices. Some people just keep rolling through the year without any sort of dedicated cleaning opportunity.

It’s 2020 now. Spring cleaning is no longer just for your home. Yes, there are plenty of ways to clean and freshen up your home, but there’s also so much more that you can do.

Spring Cleaning

For your home.

  • Change your air filter. This is a great time to install a new and fresh air filter in your home.
  • Clean out your seasonings and spices. Check for expiration. Refresh anything you use often. Maybe get something new.
  • Open the windows! When it warms up a bit, throw your windows wide open. Let the fresh air in. You’ve been cooped up all winter, and it’s time to air it out.
  • Switch your rugs. I have two identical rugs in my house: one under my coffee table and one under my dining room table. Switch them out once a year to keep them fresh.
  • Donate what you no longer need. Once a year, you should realize what you haven’t worn or haven’t used. If you haven’t needed it in an entire year, donate it! Yes, keep sentimental items, but donate (or sell) what you don’t use regularly.
  • Clean. Yes, this is redundant in a time of spring cleaning, but really clean. This should be more than just a wipe down. Scrub your floors. Wipe down those baseboards. Get rid of the cobwebs that have gathered in the corners. Polish your furniture.
  • Fresh flowers. I always forget how empowering and uplifting a vase of fresh flowers can be.
  • New linens. You use your bath towels and your bed linens every day. Unless you have two sets in rotation (#rich), maybe try getting another set. One year, you can buy towels, the next year, you can buy sheets.

For your office.

  • Declutter! Get rid of those old receipts. If a pen doesn’t work, get rid of it. Old screen wipes? Yeah, those actually dry out, even in the packages.
  • Find a space for everything. Do your best to get everything off your desk. It will be easier to focus the less you have to work around or stare at.
  • Get a reusable water bottle or glass. This seems redundant in a time of cleaning and organizing, but get something that will make you drink water. Also, get something that doesn’t kill the environment. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Corkcicle brand of products. I’ve also found that you’ll drink more out of a cup with a straw.
  • Invest in a diffuser. If you can, add a diffuser to your office. There are just wonderful combinations of essential oils designed to help you focus or relieve headaches.

For your life (and your mind).

  • Disconnect. The power of reading a book or taking a walk. Don’t listen to music or have a podcast running. Just take a moment to be present.
  • Remove the negative thoughts. This is a big ask. We all get those negative thoughts…”Why am I not losing the weight? I wish I was prettier. I’m not good enough.” Take one really depressing hour with one holiday pour worth of wine and write down all of the negative. Then, throw it away. If you have a fireplace or fire pit, maybe get that cathartic moment and burn it.
  • Disengage. Do you have a toxic friend or coworker you always butt heads with? Maybe it’s tie to stop being friends with that person. At work, you just need to work together. If it won’t matter in five years, don’t let it consume more than five minutes.

This should work to get you started. Honestly, every part of your life could use some spring cleaning. It’s a wonder what a little bit of freshness can do for your life. With social distancing becoming ever more prevalent in our lives (#coronavirus2020), there are no excuses for not cleaning up your life.

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