7 Days of No Television

Happy Monday! For the next week, I’m taking on a mini-challenge and doing seven days without television. If you recall, I like having noise in the background when I come home and do things. However, my time spent with Netflix on is distracting.

No Television

Do you know how many more books I could read?

How many more blogs I could write?

How many podcasts I might start listening to?

There are certain social events that I participate in that do involve a television. For my own sanity, those will occur. Dancing with the Stars, of course. Also, Georgia football on Saturday. We’re playing Tennessee!

I’ll be interested to see just how productive I am. I’d love to finish a book. You Are a Badass is amazing, and I’ll likely finish before this challenge starts. I guess I can amend this productive item to “Start and finish a book.” I’ve also been reading a textbook on Organizational Behavior as well. Yes, I have voluntarily elected to read a textbook in the hopes that it transcends into my work environment. I’d like to make some traction on that as well.

I’ve scheduled quite a few blogs for the next few months that I’d really love to get ahead on. Y’all best expect a lot of wedding blogs from here on. PS, any topics you future brides want me to cover? I’m taking requests.

So…today begins 7 days of no television. Maybe this will become a monthly thing. I’m definitely starting these mini-challenges moving forward. Any recommendations?



Let’s do this! 7 Days! No Television!

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