The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw is the next pick in our book club. We usually pick a book about 60 days before we discuss it, so I think this is July’s pick? It was immediately available at my library for my Kindle. Sometimes, that’s a bit concerning as to the quality of the book, but I gave it a chance!

The Story

The Wicked Deep starts with the story of three sisters, suspected as witches. They’re ultimately convicted and drowned.

The town then creates an annual festival or event around these drownings. Legend is, the sisters come back, seduce men in the town, and drown them. At least three every year, one per sister.

Penny Talbot and her mother live on an island near town. Penny’s father disappeared a few years ago, seemingly to the witches’ return. There’s a newcomer to the town this year, Bo.

Penny knows what others don’t, but can she break the cycle?

My Feelings

This book felt very YA to me. I didn’t read much about it before I started reading, so it’s entirely possible that this is a young adult novel! The Wicked Deep was a very quick read and kept me engaged. We got perspectives from both the sisters and Penny throughout the book. Generally, I don’t love the back and forth telling that has become so trendy, but it was done well.

If you’re looking for a fun poolside read, definitely give The Wicked Deep a chance. It’s got mystery and love and all the best parts of an indulgent, guilty pleasure read.

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