The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

dong of achilles review

Some people obsess over the roaring 20s. Others prefer the 60s or the 70s. For me, I’m obsessed with Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. I just think it’s so interesting! The culture and religion and wars. Come on, there was an entire war over one woman. Man…what it must have been like to be as powerful as she was, just because she was beautiful.

I read Helen of Troy last year, and really enjoyed it. I think it’s fascinating when an author can give a first person perspective to historical events. Thus, I was pumped when our office Book Club decided to read The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. It’s a similar-type story as Helen of Troy, but from the other side.

song of achilles

Initial Thoughts

I really loved this book! It’s been a minute since I finished it, but the story told was great. At one point, it was the exact same story (of course) as in Helen of Troy, so it was fascinating to see it told from someone else’s perspective.  The book was emotional too. Seriously, I cried at one point. Yes, I’m a crier, but you really got to know Patroclus. He was excommunicated from his family and his home for defending himself against a bully! And then he finds love!

The story follows Patroclus’ life. The majority of the story is around Achilles and his talent as a man born of a goddess. His mother doesn’t approve of his love for Patrochlus. Then, Helen is stolen, and they’re called to war. That’s probably not the best overview, but I don’t want to tell too much of Patroclus’ story.

Overall Thoughts

Even if you’re not a fan of mythology or ancient civilizations, I would still recommend this book. Madeline Miller is a phenomenal author, and The Song of Achilles is only one example of her talent and knowledge. She didn’t just write it as a story. It was well researched and thorough. She has another book, Circe, that I’m on waitlist for at the library.

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