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It’s taken me a hot minute to write this review. A Lion Among Men is the third in a four book series that started with Wicked (AKA my favorite Broadway play). I really enjoyed Wicked. The second book, Son of a Witch, was pretty good. Unfortunately, it only went down from there. Trust me, it hurts my heart to type these words.

The Issues

The book was absurdly slow. It follows the path of the Cowardly Lion, both before and after Dorothy came to Oz. Though the storyline was after Dorothy left, told through flashbacks of the Lion and a crone named Yackle. I’m telling you, the book was confusing. There was a point in it where the Lion has sex with some sort of Ivory Leopard (or something) and then gets banished from the pride.

Not only was the Lion cowardly, but he was also a thief! He took advantage of older Animals, and then weaseled his way out of prison time to serve the Emerald City, and THEN shirks that responsibility and runs away with the Clock of the Time Dragon.

Why Did I Read This?

I’m compulsive, and I can’t leave a series unread. It has already been a few years since I’ve owned this book. There were times when the book used words beyond a normal vocabulary, and others where it felt like it was written for the tween age range. I love the story of Wicked, and the fact that there are background stories for most of the characters through these books, but I didn’t love this one.

All in, I would not recommend this book for someone feeling really passionate about Wicked. A Lion Among Men was a detailed story giving you a different glimpse into the life of the Cowardly Lion. If you’re strictly looking for an entertaining read, it’s likely to entertain you!

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